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There are places in Tibia where it is worth having noob char either to collect some daily item or to check for rare spawns. For example Orc Fortress for an Old and Used Backpack or Folda for Yeti.

What are other places like that? It doesn't have to be necessarily for level 8, but let's say something that can be done with characters under 50.
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So you're looking to profit? I think your question should be changed to something like one of these questions- How to profit under level 50? What profitable bosses should I hunt under level 50? What daily spawns to check under level 50? (I didn't check if there's duplicate questions)
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Exactly, @shawtay. I feel that this question should be revised.

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While you could check the spawns you mentioned for the rare items, you could also consider hunting creatures that yield a large amount of sellable products. Currently on Solidera, swampling wood is 8k, marsh stalker feathers and damselfly wings are 2k. This makes the Venore Salamander Cave yield approximately 200k/hr with almost no waste if you have decent skills.

Another tactic I previously have used to level up low level characters was to take the minotaur task in Kazordoon and place it in the lowest level of the Darashia minotaur pyramid. Each time I would log in for the day, I would go up and avalanche the entire pyramid finishing in under two minutes. Once you have killed 5000 minotaurs and turned in the task, simply log the character off outside the boss portal and wait for a double loot weekend for the nose rings and chance at a dwarven helmet.

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With 50 lvl character you can make a profit by doing Hunting Horn task for Rotting Wood.

Yetis on Folda/Chllfroest are good option, but rather for making profit from calling other players for cash, than counting on lucky loot (Bunnyslippers).

With 50 lvl you could try to face vampire lord boss - Zevelon Duskbringer.

You can check some other bosses for low level players from FACC and PACC area.

You can stand on a Midnight Panther respawn and "sell information" about it for bestiary-hunters or players interested in mount.

BUT! I definitely recommend to focus on hunts in places where you can loot imbu  items, because it gives a regular profit and you don't need a huge luck to make a big money.