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I returned to Tibia about a month ago, playing with RP and I am wondering about diamond arrows. Are they really that hard to make and maintain? Do you need to stop your hunt often? How many of them you're wasting on high levels?
Are you forced to beg for arrows? Are they so annoying that you would change vocation if you could?

I am a little worried about DA, that I will be forced to postpone my exp or resign from playing at all - I am casual (wife, work).

Thank you, I appreciate your feedback!

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It's quite anoying to be forced to wait over 40-50 minutes to start the hunt to have enough arrows to be able to hunt for a complete hunt without running out to them.

For hunts of 1h 30 minutes, I usualy carry over 500 arrows, which I usualy have to buy (10k every 100), if I am in a hurry. Highers lvls than me, or those who hunt alone, usualy carry 800 in the begining.

I wouldn't change my vocation cause of this, but for me it is a huge mistake the fact that when you are offline the time of the arrows pass, but not the cooldown of the spell to summon them, senseless.
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Well said. I think that this issue of Diamond Arrows expiring is problematic. It is even worse if you think that you can end up making them while going to hunt just to discover that your hunting place have been taken already, which means that your arrows will be wasted....
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yeaaa exactly, or when you are in a hurry to log out when you just made them, you log out, and when you come back you are without arrows and even then you must wait 10 more minutes to do more.
No other vocation has to wait to be able to hunt using any weapon in the game....
My opinion is that the time should not pass when you are offline, and even if this is not posible, at least the cooldown of the spell should also pass when offline.
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I agree! The arrows should work similar to imbuement items: Expiration time pass only when you are equipped with the weapon (of course, not literally like this, but with the similar concept)