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For a long time players often used combat frames to mark the target. Since Winter Update 2021 we've got also possibility to highlight with red color whole monster's sprite. But is it possible to cancel the ability to mark the monster we are attacking, like it was before the update?

I mean no combat frames, no red highlights.

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From Small update patch fix on 14 December 2021:

“ Target highlighting can now be disabled completely with a new setting "None" under "Mark Target Visually" in the options menu.”



To remove it- Options-> Interface_> Game Window-> Show Combat Frames - untick the option. 

To customise frames and highlights:

You can change it upto your preferences in General settings. Please follow path:

General settings (Options)-> Interface-> Game Window-> on the bottom option Mark target - you have 3 options which you can change to “frame only” (this is the one which you looking for) or “highlighted only”; “ framed and highlighted”

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I'm looking for no frames, so "frame only" option doesn't answer my question.
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Did you check if the edited answer work? I asked this question because I unticked the option "Show Combat Frames" and it simply didn't work. Like only 3 new options are avaliable.