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Yeti is a nice addition to our bestiary as a good charm point to own, and I think that many players would really enjoy killing one of these famous creatures, also due to the famous Bunnyslipers loot. It is rumored that Chyllfroest may contain these legendary creatures once opened, but how and where can we find the giant white beasts over there? Are many of them available there? What about Folda's Yetis?

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The Yetis can appear in rare raids (Unanoounced) on Folda and Chyllfroest (Accessible between April 1 and May 1).

 They spawn in small groups, from 1 to 3.

On Chyllfroest, they spawn very rarely on the fourth floor of the mountain.

Follow this map.

On Folda, one Yeti group spawns close to the shovel hole, second group spawns little bit north east of the shovel hole and the third group spawns east of the shovel hole.

The most easy place to found it is Folda. The best way is bring here a character (Mages better) with level 45+, get full supplies (Sudden Death Runes and Mana Potions) and check the respawn when you have time.

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Interesting information regarding Folda, but just pay attention that I was asking about Chyllfroest, ok? You provided a valid answer though regarding Folda respawn, but I wasn't really looking for it.

Well, what about Chyllfroest? Where are these floors? How do I access this place? Do they appear there in a rare occurrence or is it frequently? Is the Yeti spawn on Chyllfroest quicker compared to the one on Folda?
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Fixed, I add the way to the respaw on Chyllfroest. You can use the same strategy (Like Folda) to check here.
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Awesome Trululu! I edited the question to make your contribution about Folda more relevant to search engines. Overall that was a great guide to find Yetis in game. Good job!
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