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During the journey of doing quest in time travel journey, I Have realised that we also can collect several quest items in some specific places.

For example in Pirates section we can find slain Vampire and when you will use the Blessed stake you will receive Demon dust & Vampire Dust.

Similar to it- upon using obsidian knife on the dragon body (Pirate’s section too), you will get all kind of leather skin’s and behemoth fang. 

Furthermore, you will be able to collect Voodoo Lily Pollen (Ogre’s section), Sun Fruits (Library section), and Snake mew in Kilmaresh Section. 

What other items can I get from the dungeon and in which places I can find them?

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Wtf it's so easy as I don't tell you find it for yourself, for talking bad
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The site is for questions and answers, the hints dont work here.
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Islearth - fansites purpose is to genuine provide help and tools for the players to Maximise their experience in the game. People spend a lot of time to write articles, explore and share their experience, sometimes even secrets which is selfless - don’t you think? Unfortunately, there are people who just simply with mischievous intentions- who provides wrong tips and distract researches by providing false information. Now… despite your good intentions to let us know there is mana fluid spawn, you wrote it in a way of a “poke”. This is easily interpreted as a mischievous behaviour. You did not provide with the proof which would just gain you upvotes- and which would make you win argument over Ogun lfe. You had chance to gain points and respect - reassurance that you know what you talking about. Instead, all went down hill because you took it too personally.
For your personal development I will tell you this- before you write something toxic As an answer, take a step back and ask yourself: what do I gain from it? Does it help me? Does it help anyone else? Is it worth of my time to get into useless conversation?
Look what you wrote above and tell me, did you gain any respect with that? No. Did you prove that we are toxic not you? No. And none would want to believe it just if you being toxic and offensive towards the people.
Community here is same as everywhere you go - we are all human. There will be clashes, arguments, disagreements, manipulations, also jealousy. There will be also congrats, support, help, wholesome contribution. This is about how all is communicate between and do not loose in all that main target- best answer backed up with prove to support it.
Look, you just said you been banned from Tibia forum for one year- you are going same direction on TibiaQa. So perhaps it is not problem with community but with the way you communicating.

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In the Glooth / oramond section you can get once a day a Manafluid by using Vialin the photo marked bellow (Only when there is mana inside). I recommend doing it immediately after server safe.

In the Krailos section you can get a Tibia Coin every 10 minutes even after the quest is completed.

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hello :p also the wind-up loco mount item you can obtain every 20 hrs from the chest with the lizard high guards