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As I was surfing through the new items in-game, I found Morshabaal's mask, which has a peculiar text when you look at it. (here is the source)

You see Morshabaal's mask (fire magic level +1, ice magic level +1, earth magic level +1, energy magic level +1). It can only be wielded properly by players of level 150 or higher. It weighs 41.00 oz.

I found it curious for 2 reasons: 

1) Any vocation can wield it, meaning now we have an item that gives magic level to knights.

2) It adds specific elemental-type magic level, which is something completely new to the game

Another interesting fact is that though it is a mask, the item is categorized as a shield on Tibia Fandom.

So my question is: how does this new elemental-type magic level system works? 

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Elemental Magic levels been introduced with update 12.70 when Gildritch weapons been added to the game. Mechanics were explained in one of the teasers: 


Specialised Magic Levels

Instead of raising the magic level flatout by a certain number, this modifier raises the magic level only for a certain group of spells and runes. These are: Fire, Earth, Energy, Ice, Holy, Death, Healing. All spells and runes have been assigned to the appropriate category. If none is applicable, they are part of the "various" category which cannot benefit from specialised magic level

Specialised Magic Levels

  • This modifier will be assigned to the same items as the normal magic level modifier.
  • An example for an item with this type of modifier would be a wand with "magic level +2" and additionally "fire magic level +2". All spells dealing fire damage would thus benefit from a +4 increase in magic level, while all other spells would benefit from a +2 increase in magic level.
I checked also market- it shows in shield section as Tibiafandom have selected- so this information is indeed at moment correct. Please note that it might change, as several items were assigned into wrong category and Cipsoft is still correcting - https://www.tibia.com/news/?subtopic=newsarchive&id=6529&fbegind=13&fbeginm=12&fbeginy=2021&fendd=12&fendm=1&fendy=2022&flist=11111111
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Nice answer! I never saw any previous item with this mechanic so I found it pretty intrigued. Nice to know it was added last year. Thanks you <3
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Sure! Eldritch tome, Folio, wand, Rod and bow will have specialised magic levels :)
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