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I see many beautiful houses but however almolst of then have expansive itens, like a high boss items, fansite items and items of high difficulty quests.

And i want to know ways to decorate a house using no many gold, and some items like a voodo lily polem, blood herbs.

If a possible with screenshots. thats is me little house xD


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Well I like to use gold ingots, trophy stands, blood herbs, talons, ice flowers, frozen starlights, among others. I like flowers... and dolls aswellblush

My house has not almost any rare item.

This is it:

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Wow, i like this first image, where i find these plants?
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Around Venore only need push it!
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This is my House/Room, I just use furniture as real life, is really cheap optio

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I  like this carpets, but in me world is very expansive. xD
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My house dont have  many cheaper things but maybe it gives you some nice ideas to deco:

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Which item  the green shine under the yellow roses? :)
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Ohh yesss the one of the hive bosses, gotta go there, thanks for the info
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