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Bone fiddle is a really difficult item to obtain (compared to other items of the same slot), really useful at almost any stage of the game but obtainable only through a lvl 250+ quest (secret library, asura mirror section), that said as other quest item obtaining just 1 isn't enough to supply the need of many (specially of those who can't obtain it themselves), that said i heard that is possible obtaining some of the parts needed to craft it, but no one of my friends confirmed me if is possible to craft more than one, so:

It is possible?
If is possible, it does have a cooldown? (like 20hr to be able to obtain the items again or so)
it require some specially condition? (like not ending the quest in order to obtain the items)

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No you can’t make a second bonefiddle after making the first one in the same char
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ok so u did the quest first time, got it all, created the item and tried to create another one but unsuccessfully, right?

so doing it again in another timespan could work, or trying to talk with some npc maybe? unless we "obtain" the actual item ONCE we use it to progress in the quest and never again (otherwise it were leading to unfinished quest from solo players at very specific situations)
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It doesn't work. It's quite common to see players losing theirs and having to use someone else's to finish the mission. If it was possible, then players would do it and the item wouldn't cost as much as it does.
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that's really a shame... and yeah the item is considerably expensive for a non so impressive bonus (5% life drain) but since there are few sources of life drain protection turn it essential...

still i would keep it open a bit longer, if some improvement to the answer could be done i would appreciate it c:
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No, you can’t craft another Bone fiddle, since, this is a one-time-obtainable object.
So after you craft yous first (and only) bonefiddle your quest log is updated and this is the thing that doesn't let you craft another bonefiddle.
Trust me I've tried u.u
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thank you for editing your answer, i removed my downvote on you <3
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Oh, thank you... That's very thoughtful!