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Knightmare once stated in an interview that he doesn't believe anyone will EVER discover how to obtain the excalibug.

I now present you with the following also once stated. 

"When the tower falls, when the cold loses its sting, when the small walks the halls of the great, when the lord of murder loses his nobility, when the ice kisses the fire, when the arrow will not fly twice, when the thunder silences the mute, when the red meets the green on golden ground, when the ivory is broken by the blood-stained hand, when the dead walk on earth and laugh at the gods, when the names will be erased and the vanished return, when the forbidden twin no longer exists, when the one-eyed king dies in fire, when the traitor meets his fate, then excalibug will be reborn in the flame of justice."

J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings and associated anthologies, the quintessential sources of modern fantasy inspiration, are featured prominently three of Tibia's earliest and largest cities. The names of the NPCs in Ab'Dendriel and Thais might look familiar to players with a knowledge of Tolkien's lore. The dwarven city of Kazordoon similarly bears a remarkable resemblance to the famous Khazad-dûm, the city ruled by Durin, the king of the Dwarfs.

  • Ferumbras II Took: (2701–2801) Elder son of Isumbras III Took. Became heir to the Thainship in 2722, and succeeded as 24th Thain in 2759.
  • Ferumbras III Took: (2916–3015), while not otherwise particularly famous, was the Thain of the Shire at the time of the Farewell Party of Bilbo Baggins, at the beginning of The Lord of the Rings. He was the only child of Fortinbras Took II (2878–2980, a cousin of Bilbo) 

some NPC's to mention; Gorn (Aragorn), Frodo (Frodo Baggins), Legola (Legolas), Sam, (Samwise Gamgee). A noteable mention that hasn't been largely discussed is the fact that ferumbras's daughter is also an elf, are u starting to see how many references are leading to Lord of the rings now?

I could literally go on for a LONG time bout many things, though i'll attempt to keep this somewhat short and include a few of the points to help you understand.

Ferumrbas also used to be a 'good guy' before something turned him evil.

What turns people evil when you put it on in lord of the rings? The ring.

What does ferumbras always drop when he dies? His hat.

what happened to the ring, it was 'thrown' in the fires of mordor. (or doom)

high council forged a ring that corrupted whoever wore it and gave them unlimited power. everyone fought over it to get it. In tibia, the excalibug is known as super strong and the most powerful weapon in the game that everyone has been 'fighting' to obtain. It's located in a hidden mountain surrounded by lava tiles called fires of mordor. "When asked about Excalibug, Knightmare says that it has to be returned to the fire which gave birth to it, just as the One Ring needs to be returned to the fires of Mount Doom. There is a tile named Fires of Mordor which may correspond to the quest line." Ferumbras is the strongest wizard in the game who was good but is now evil.... so maybe the hat has turned him evil just like sauron was turned evil when he wore the ring.... and in the end the ring was thrown into the larva that stopped the curse, so if we throw the hat into the larva it may end the curse of ferumbras who is now frozen at the top of edron academy

Mount Doom was one of the reasons Sauron chose Mordor as his home. He knew he could use the fire inside Mount Doom for his forging and magic, which resulted in the forging the One Ring

The excalibug is buried inside a mountain in kazordoon under the dwarfs.... but guess what? The square of larva infront of what separates you from the sword.... is called.... the fires of mordor.

Trust me there are many, many more references that would blow your mind, although anyone who is familiar with lord of the rings should now start to see it all. re read the 'poem' above and start to make the links.

Obtain the Ferumbras hat and throw it in the fires of mordor to reach the Excalibur.

Only then will you be worthy to pull the sword from the stone... let's see who understands that reference ;)

So my question to you is, Would you risk it?

Edit - Sorry for the formatting, I'm new to this site and unfortunately it doesn't post my comment in the same format it appears while submitting.

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Nice research dude!
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This theory is very possible. (Probably on test servers. sure) But makes completly sense.
I hope to read more about that.

Thank you for share! Congratulations for your research.

Pender Atecair - Lutabra
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Do you have a screenshot of this square of lava? Awesome theory bro

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I'd like to try it... during test server haha
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Awesome research, congratulation! But talking about possibilities and theories, what do you think that would happen once you throw the hat on the lava? I mean, would we receive access to the sword right away with a teleport? 

Oh, and another Tibia historical fact: Did you know that we actually had the tomb of Durin near Kazoordon? It used to be where we have now the entrance to the Paradox Quest. Just adding some extra food for thought :)

Image source: www.nightmareknights.com

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I have my theories on what will happen, i don't believe it immediately gives you access to the sword but I think i would know the next step and ultimately be able to get the sword.

"When the tower falls, when the cold loses its sting" - When the citadel falls (ferumbras slayn, the curse is lifted)
The npc frozen inside the ivory towers wearing ferumbras hat.

I believe once we sacrifice the hat to the flames of mordor we would be able to solve the rest
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Does this place still exists?
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unfortunately, not anymore. The Paradox Tower was made in the place of Durin's Tomb.
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Well I never had a Ferumbras hat but if I ever got one in my hands I would prefer to use it in the outfit quest than try to get the excalibug.... nice theory btw ;)
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And that is exactly why knightmare believes it would NEVER be solved.
Just as the ring turned man evil in lord of the rings, and had every man fight for it and never want to part with it.
Who in their right mind would choose to sacrifice and destroy the hat instead of wearing it for it's notoriety.. it's power ;)
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Not only power my friend... My main is a MS, a stupid sword would be no use for me but the hat of the famous and mighty sorcerer in tibia its something to be used with proud... xD (I will never get one anyway =‘/)
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If I get the hat I would try that without doubt, excalibug is history
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As Mage I get the hat, but if I can get the sword sell it a gain more tham the hat well...