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Where can I exp my Elite knight at 99 level? 112axe. I never play ek on this level. I exp at darashia lions and I don't know what now.

Can be little waste and I prefer no escape monsters on Red hp. Thx

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there is a bunch of spawn you can try and switch between then after you finished bestiary in each spawn

you can start even slowly with only 5 stacks and slowly go up to 8 stacks those are the spawn I went around your level 90-150

For most spawn I mention you could get at least 400k exp/h or even more depending on your dmg and rotation 

I will switch between them so you get all bestiary and then you can get dodge and hunt safe 

hero cave was one of my favorite spawn

 yielothax dimension - after 2000 killed on the server you could kill the raging mage 

sea serpents - you need to do the quest (the hunt for the sea serpent)

hero cave- no access needed north of edron

dragon lord - no acces need north of darashia

wyrms cave - no access needed liberty bay 

krailos ruins - I recommend going there after you done with hero cave

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