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In some sites and videos say that one new random area  every day is comtemplated with a improved respawn, and the second area is choice to the players, but in some days i cant find the gobin face on map, how i can know what areas are with improved respawn without the mark? and how does work the system of improved respawn?

in this image is wasy to know what area is, but in some days havent a mark in nowhere.

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When the system was originally implemented, it was indeed one area per day. But CipSoft later changed it to a 33% chance of a random area being improved, so it's, on average, one area every 3 days. The area is still random. This update also raised from 1kk to 10kk the amount of gold donated that is required to improve a specific area at the next server save. 

As for how it works: the spawn rate of the selected area will, generally, be doubled. I'm saying generally because if this combos with a Rapid Respawn event or boosted creature, it won't double but actually add 100% rate to the base spawn rate. For example:

Base rate: 1x
Improved area: 2x
Rapid Respawn: 5x
Rapid Respawn + Improved area: 7x

More details about this system can be found on TibiaWiki: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Cyclopedia#Map

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very well, thanks :D