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On places like Banuta/Roshamuul is really better use a Garlic Necklace to protect from only 1 attack (Life Drain) or use a regular amulet la Foxtail Amulet or Werewolf Amulet because thes can mitage more than only 1 attack from creatures?

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There are a few reasons why most players rather use the Life Drain protection:

  1. Life Drains attacks are usually very strong. Both the Medusa single-target life drain combo and the Frazzle and Guzzlemaw life drains deal considerable damage - some times more than the physical damage they do, specially Medusae. 
  2. When stacking protection, you lose efficiency. Physical protection is abundant in many different equipment, specially for knights. This means that the 5% given by the Foxtail Amulet, for example, will actually only reduce another 3-4% physical damage. Life Drain protection, on the other hand, is only available from necklaces and the Bone Fiddle (which not everyone has and Paladins can't use). Furthermore, the Garlic Necklace alone provides 20% protection. The difference in damage taken is easily noticeable, a Knight blocking a 8-box of Frazzlemaws and Guzzlemaws takes a lot more damage without the Garlic Necklace. 
  3. For Mages and Paladins, the Life Drain may be more dangerous than the physical damage, since these vocations will tend to stay at distance from the creatures, but will still be vulnerable to the life drain spells. 
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As a knight I prefer using garlics due to high amount of dmg blocked (life drain waves are pretty strong).
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