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Whenever a friend tells me that they will be transferring a character from worlds other than my own I search for all the decoration items that might interest me. Usually nothing new comes up (because this usually only happens in updates), but this time I noticed a different and mysterious item.

Its name is Fungal Blister, it cannot be sold on Yasir, so it may not be a creature item.

Based on this, my question is: Have you seen this item, have you dropped it from a creature? My number 01 suspicion is that it is Fungosaurus drop in Gnomprona (since it was added in the same update).

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I am in favor of adding also the rare tag. Interesting item!
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I looked for it in the market, and I found it in the "Creature product" classification so it is a Creature Product, but acording to TibiaWiki, Fungosaurus doesn't drop any loot.
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It looks a lot like a part of a Fungosaurus, but they don't drop anything. So unless the blisters can be obtained by skinning them or something of the sorts, they are probably just not obtainable. CipSoft often creates item and decide not to use them later, but still add them to the game.

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As with other Unobtainable Items that were added to the game in Summer Update 2022 like Cerulean Abyss, Cobalt Ridge and Rainbow Opal, I think CipSoft added it as intended to drop from Fungosaurus, but later decided to not make it a bestiary creature and to not drop any loot, so the item was left in the game without any use.

The Fandom statistics is also not conclusive because the only information we have about Fungosaurus loot is only 42 kills that resulted in an empty body, and the item is classified as "Creature Product", so maybe it is a rare drop. It's the only creature that can drop it if it's obtainable (considering colors and names).