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Every time I search for a video of a hunt in youtube, I was never able to get the same XP/h or Profit/h. That happens for all hunt videos.

For example:

Hunt Video: Feyrist Nightmare Cave - EK150+ | XP 1.3kk/h | Profit 600k/h

My hunt: EK250+ | Real XP (100%) 400k/h-450k/h | Real Profit 60k/h (with luck)

This is one example, but happens every time. My level is generally 2x the level stated, I generally get 1/3 exp and 1/10 profit.

People say exp and profit might vary depending on the player's hunting style, but the difference is absurd. I mean, I have 2x the level, with imbuements and stuff, and get 1/3 the exp and 1/10 the profit?

Is it possible to get 3x more exp, 10x more profit with 1/2 the level just by changing my 'hunting style'? Or are the stats reported by the videos completely made-up/enlarged?

I mean, how much does the 'player's skill' impact in the hunt?

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So I checked in youtube and most of the videos I have seen of real lvls 200 hunting there, they make over 800-900k/h maximun (stamina bonus), the only one who showed 1.5kk/h and recommened to hunt in a lvl 150-200, was actualy a lvl 400 hunting there.

Variations in the exp/h and the profit of course depends in the way of hunting of a player, if he full box or not, if he does the correct route on the cave, if he has good skill and set, if he is full imbuyed, etc. But the difference of 2 players of the same lvl hunting the same respawn is not usualy so so different; for example I hunt in asuras, RP 500, with an ED 550 making 6kk/h (150%), while an RP 570 with a MS 550 of my same guild do over 6.5kk/h; as you can see the difference is not huge, and the ms kills way faster the respawn than an ED.

Skill matters? ofc but they dont make a huge difference, the level and the set are for me the 2 key factors that influence in the hunt.
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I don't play EK and I'm not familiar with that specific hunting spot but your style will have a huge impact.

Things like:

- how many monsters you take at once - pretty self-explanatory

- optimal route

- properly executing combos

- using exeta when they are close to running

- quickly looting, not wasting time between pulls

All of that and more will have a big impact on your XP/H. As ED I once went on DUO hunt with EK who only used 'Exori' from his damage spells, no 'Exori Gran', 'Exori Min' etc and was often pulling 2-4 mobs at once instead of full boxing. I got somewhere between 1/4 and 1/3 what I was making in the same place with another EK who was 50 levels lower but was playing properly.

With all that being said a lot of videos have inflated number, they use much higher level than recommended, have huge skills from years of offline training, use preys, give a peak number that is not sustainable or just simply lie to get a better title.
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The problem with the videos its because some times when you enter in empty respaw (Full of living creatures) the amount of experience you won is more than usual, you need do a hunt by more than 15 min to see the real estimate experience per hour. In another way you need know the cave really good (Check the route) it can affect a lot the hunt, more than style of the player is the experience huntig of the place, by example I know exactly where and how much Servants respawn in Mad Mage Cave and with this I can kill all more faster (Also check how fast you loot it can be huge difference).