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Hello everyone

Since level 220 Iam hunting in Glooth Tower (now I am 272), and I would like to find new hunting places.

At my level I manage to gain 2.3kk exp/h, with 150k/h profit, counting imbuments prices.

Some information about my character:

Level 272 EK, a club fighter with skills 107/99.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Banuta Medusae, Hydra and Serpent Spawn, is good place with good experience (2.5kk/h+), low profit, but you can get the task of "Killing in Name of".
  • Oramond Glooth Bandits, here you can won less experience than banuta (1.5kk/h+) but you can get more profit (100k/h-150k/h+). 
  • Krailos Nightmares, you can get good experience (2kk/h+).
  • Kazordoon Diremaws, the experience here is regular (1.8kk/h+).
  • Warzones 6,  you can get good experience (3kk/h+).
  • Asuras Palace, can try here but I dont know the experience/profit.
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Thank you. I gess I will try Asura Palace at level 300 when I will have access to Falcon Mace :)
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Hiho bro, well, i really like glooth tower in oramond, but, level 273 making only 2,3kk exp/h... maybe u can up this exp to 2,8kk+ and get more profit, about 230k/h +.

U can hunt zao palace, taking zaogun, spellweaver and warmaster, and u can get some ghastly dragons, have a good spot to take 3 and killing with u exori's...

U can go draken walls and try with mace of destruction and gnome shield with fire res%, if u have ornate chestplate, u can use life steal and fire res%, u can make a good exp and a lot of profit!

Actualy, my knight are lvl 329, skills 113/107, sword user :D
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Thanks! Maybe i need to wait for falcon mace for better exp/h? Currently i use Umbral Master Hammer (means no shield), and i get to deep red pretty often.
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Try Asuras with parry or other charm if possible. always go with full mana because they can give you a hard time. if you're quick enough u can do 3kk+/h and some profit/enough to pay for imbues.
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