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Today I heard on Ts3 the most crazy comment (in my opinion), one guy said that the creatures of tibia increase their attack damage progressively because they also skill up while attacking you. His textual words were 'a lvl 500 can die by any easy creature if he keeps it attacking him for enough time'.

This sounds crazy to me, but 2 more guys agreed with him. So now I am curious, how many people agree with this.. theory? Is it true? Proofs of this being real?
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I don't have an answer for that, but I saw in the past posts talking that when they used to train for hours online with summoned monks and some weak mob to skill the shielding, some creatures would progressively hit a little bit harder as the time passes (according to what I read). But I can't guarantee the information, since I was never really fond of training online back when it was necessary. I think that I read that info on Tibiabr forum several years ago, haha.

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It is true, or was at least.

Before, when training with slimes was common, one would need to kill the slime after a few hours and wait for another one to spawn, because that slime was too strong. The same wat true for other monsters, like rotworms, monks and so on.

This old tutorial sort of warns about that: https://forums.tibiabr.com/threads/354286-Tabela-Skill-de-Knights-e-Dicas-de-Treino

12.Quando for treinar com Slimes procure não ficar muito tempo com a mesma já que de alguma forma ela começa a ter hits mais elevados.


12. When training with Slimes try not to spend too much time with it, since somehow it starts to have higher hits.