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I was wondering what some must have runes / rings / etc is to have in your backpack whenever you are roaming the lands of Tibia as a mage (specifically a master sorcerer, level 300+).

I have spent the last 20 years playing EK/RP solo and have limited knowledge of a mage, and I decided to impulsively buy an MS on char bazaar. And now I'm looking for some advice :)

Any help is appreciated!
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Related to your question, even though is not specific to MS vocation: https://www.tibiaqa.com/8625/what-are-some-tools-or-items-to-always-keep-in-your-backpack-at-all-times

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Besides your offensive runes, don't forget to take some UHs, too!

They might save your team (especially the blocker) much more often than we think. :D

Besides it... those crazy Foods that heal your whole mana/hp, I think. ^^
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Greetings aws

As a full time Ms for my many years on this land of tibia i will give you my knowledge during my tavles.  Know that these are based on a open pvp server not big on non-pvp.

First things first. Open that analytics selector and always have damage input analyser open.  Knowing what is hitting you to swtich to the right kind of Protection is key to surviving!  mana shield is a good way to not die right away  but using the right elemental protection is key in staying alive.

The obvious ones out of the way all the arrow slot elemental protection items.  they all weight very little and you never know what kind of damage you will come across and the best way for a Mage to survive while mana shielded is to switch around elemental Protection before that shield drops making you survive a little bit better. Runes are 10-15 bomb runes of each element.  put on your hotkey and select use on self.  some monsters wont come at you over a bomb as long as you are not still attacking them :D.  15-25 Magic walls.  Use what is around you and throw that magic wall to a keep you away from monsters to get a quick breath to refill your moana or use a m wall to prevent monsters from filling that slot. this has gotten me out of a lot of sticky situations. Destroy field rune and disintegrate runes are a must on pvp worlds.  Most people bomb themself then put things behind them to prevent you from pushing them to get free. with these 2 runes that will not be a issue :D

Lets talk rings and amulets.  might rings.  a bp of them... might rings will save your life. Period. blanket 20% of all elements. great in any situation period.  if you are told otherwise you are being lied to. Put it on a action bar slot set a hotkey you can get to with ease  and train yourself to use them when you don't feel safe.  incase you missed it MIGHT RINGS SAVE MAGE'S LIFE.  Time rings are nice when running through spawns or to bosses that little bit of speed is fun and exciting. Dwarven rings 2-3  check their life once in a while som2times tibia likes to not do it right and put on a brand new one when you have 3 mintues left on a old one. getting drunk by a critter while kiting them with aoe runes will mean you will die.  Being not drunk and getting xp is better then using a plasma ring and getting hicked into a 8 box is a bad day. some might say death ring when hunting stuff that does death damage but lets be real ms bis gear is all death protection if you need a death ring and a moon mirror plus your gear you are not really playing ms :P.  amulets are what your hunting specific. Do research on what your about to hunt.  if your gear doesn't get you to were you need to be on elemental protection pick up the amulet to off set it. I love the theurgic amulet  and use it almost all the time even if i'm not hunting stuff that does earth damage just cause ml and physical protection is the best:D  as for just walking around stone skins are great to hold onto 15-20.  that physical protection is great. if its a pvp server that death will do you good as well.  If you know the element damage you are going against and there is a 5 charge amulet with it swap them out for your stone skin to use in their place.  but just know this is omg if i don't have 60% more of this protection for 3-4 rounds imma die.

random items you should always have with you Fire mushrooms.  they are better then brown mushrooms  but brown work just as fine. go hunt prision with a team for a few lvls and you will have plenty of these bad boys.  Master mind potions cause more ml is better:D Blue berry cup cake AND blessed steak.  why both?  well because 1 hr cool down and these 2 will refill your mana all the way!  if you have access to a npc that does food and some cash laying around feel free to get those as well.  Its not a full bar but its a lot more then one single potion.  And yes the npc sucks and give you random ones but.  this is if you have the cash and dont care to have the rest rott in your depo till the end of time.  and last but not least Magic shield potion.  that magic shield is on a cool down  and omg they just ate all of magic shield, drink this bad boy boom new mana shield.  

Now i know this is A LOT of information.  It takes time to get used to being a glass cannon that will die by getting sneezed on  but once you get used to that fact and get a feel for what your hunting it gets better.  just know  ELEMENTAL PROTECTION  is our friend.  If you don't have that elemental armor for that spawn  dwarven armor has 2 slots one for vamp one for the protection you need + a little physical protection <i call it the poor man soulmantle>  do your research bring the amulets you need for you kneck to give you more Protection!!!   

hope this helped a little  sorry for the misspelling and just general structure of all this


A drunken mage
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These are some of the things I always carry as an 600 MS for bosses, hunting, and random adventures.

  • main attack runes: sudden death, avalanche, great fireball, thunders, stone showers
  • back up attack runes: explosions, fireballs
  • bomb runes: fire bomb, fire wall, energy bomb, energy wall, poison bomb
  • support runes: magic wall, destroy field, disintegrate, convince creature, soulfire
  • potions: mana, mastermind, mana shield potions
  • tools: fishing rod, scythe, multitool (I carry 4 in total, 3 whacking drillers of fate incase they jam and 1 squeezing gear of girl power for the scythe/sickle function)
  • obsidian knife
  • blessed stake
  • rings: dwarven, time, prismatic, green plasma, lost souls, blister, might, arcanomacer sigil
  • necklaces: theurgic, necklace of the deep, magma, prismatic, koshei's, gill, glacier, lightning, beetle, AOL
  • EQ for all elements- this varies depending on your level
  • Wands for all elements, MOTA wands for tagging bosses
  • knife for physical weapon
  • brown mushrooms, blessed stake, hydra tongue salad
  • adventurer's stone
Not all of these things are necessary depending on your daily activities however having these on my character at all times gives me peace of mind knowing that I won't forget anything. 
  • small emeralds (Feyrist access), scarab coins (tombs access), teleporter crystal (gnomegate access), orichalcum pearls, scale of corruption, flasks of blood, flasks of oil, holy Tible 
  • silver tokens
  • various keys
  • quest specific: spying eye, frozen starlight, key Intihuatac, soulforged lantern, complete opticording sphere, ghostsilver lantern