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Which imbuements do increase XP/h in a hunt the most? And how much increase can I get using imbuements?

For example, if I hunt Hydras and get 500k/h, how % increase would I get with imbuements?

If you can give me some examples based on your hunts, that would help.
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Hello! I have changed a little bit the title to make it more clear to people what you are asking here :)

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Naturally, critical imbument increase the exp/h the most in most cases.

However, it is difficult to estimate the exp/h growth, mainly because it depends on the character gear, skills and the monster's HP and the respawn rate.

Specifically, if the critical hit makes you finish pulls faster, and the respawn rate is good enough, you should definitely see increase in the exp/h.

On the other hand, if you deal with monsters with little HP and you don't save "attack cycles", or you overhunt the spawn, you probably won't notice improvement in the exp/h.

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The obvious things are crit and skill/ magic level boost but there is more to it.

Life leech and elemental protection can help you kill the spawn more efficiently (for example you can take full 8 instead of 5-6 mobs at the time as a knight).

Mana leech and cap imbuements help you hunt for longer which doesn't give you more XP/h but can give you more exp if you have few hours to play and can skip one refill and exp instead.

The standard for mages is using crit + mana on weapon and mana on a helmet. You add elemental protections if you need them and have slots.

Magic level/ skill boosts aren't that popular cause they give you less then crit and you don't have enough slots to put everything in.

For paladins and EKs it's the same but you add life leach in weapon and armor.
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It depends the way you are doing the hunting. I'll explain:

-If u are hunting in a way that um might kill the monsters faster without break the respawn you should use critical and skills to inflict as many damage as you can, but on other hand it will mess with your balance.

-Using these imbuements migt broke your resp, them u'll make less exp, so you need to have a good control of your resp.