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I want to try to do it quickly full Falconer Outfit.
What is the best monsters for 400 ED to do Hunting Task difficult level (400-800 kills) and for duo with EK (this same lvl)?

What monsters you recommended?
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This can give you and the user who answers this question some ideas cheers! https://www.tibiaqa.com/24600/what-are-fastest-best-hard-creatures-hunt-solo-hunting-task-points-mage

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Werelion is a good idea for solo hunt or duo too?

In duo so far i think about: falcons, rosh, feru lair, skeleton elite warions/gladiatos
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With a paladin level 310+ with a good set, u can Hunt solo and you can do something like 2kk/hour
But it's a little difficult, if you take a box you die.

But for level 400+ is a very good place to Hunt and it's easy

If u have a blooker or any other damage to kill faster u can do 3kk - 3.5kk/hour, its easy too and u can do it level 250+ (if u are the shooter)
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For your level there are numerous good hunts: Werelion, Werehyena, Azura Palace, warzone 4, Glooth Tower

I even believe that you will make good xp at banuta -4 with a bloker or not. And the place with the most experience, I believe it is in Lamassus in Issavi (need a blocker -1, -2)
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Solo and Duo

Otherworld - 4 different creatures - around 2kk raw exp / h and profit
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No chance for solo hunt in this lvl