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Golden Outfit

Base Outfit: 500,000,000 Gold Pieces

Addon 1: 250,000,000 Gold Pieces

Addon 2: 250,000,000 Gold Pieces

Total: 1,000,000,000 Gold Pieces it something like 1,000 Dollars. What do you think about it?

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It's not clear at all what you are asking about, but since your question summary states "opinion", I've marked it as opinion-based
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I forgot it, is exactly opinion-based.
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1,000 dollars and 4,000 brasil $, Brasilians is a half or more of tibian population, but it will not a great changes in tibia economy, only 20-25 of most rich ppl in tibia will do.

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Honestly, I am very picky about outfits and this is the first one that I realy want to buy on Tibia (I had zero interest on 90% of the Store outfit products). The fact that you pay it with your own golds coins is even more amazing!

I would be happy with the base 500kk outfit alone. I mean, it is a cool thing to own and show off, but more importantly, it is really well made in my opinion.

But the most important is the inflationary combat that this outfit represents. it is an excellent gold sink for the game. But in my opinion, the next step is to think on other methods to drain money from Tibia tycoons. I liked the creativiy put on this one. Hopefully they will be creative with the Tibia Coins prices from now.
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Good luck farming 500kk of gold ;D (if u dont have it already :p)
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well, who knows, maybe I will get this money one day :) but even if I don't, I like to see this kind of stuff going on. I still want to see more measures that may result on gold pieces deletion from Tibia.
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Hahaha I actually hope you get this outfit one day ;D money sink its good but its not enough to balance :/
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They implemented it to try to balance the economy , but Im not sure how this will effect in the Tibia's market/economy.

Since is something like  feru that that you will waste the money and u cant get it back the money will go down in the most richest guys of each server. So this decrease the amount of money on each server and price get a little bit normal.

If there is many people with a lot of kks there is a inflaction but with this you "force" to the richest guys to spend money on a thing where they cannot get the money back.

For example :

lets say that there is 10 guys in a server , 8 of them have 2kk and  the rest (2) have 100kk each. This guys can control the market with raising their prices forcing the other guys to afford many time to pay their prices, but , if those guys with 100kk each spend 80kk in something that they cannot get back like the feru hat or golden outfit their economy will be closer to the rest.

If all people in a server have closer economy you can get a more realistic prices since people will want to sell fast to get more money since they will need it, and if you want to sell fast you have to put lower prices. With lower prices the tibia coins also goes down, and this is something that Cipsoft wants to do , since Tibia Coins are raising too much this days.
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So, to work they need implement new outfit like this every some time right?
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well , not necessarily an outfit , but somethings that cost much or are very limited
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I see, is good point point but the price is ridi... I mean i never saw in any other game something with price of more than 1k dollars.
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In my opinion this outfit was the worst proposal in the forum and idk why they decided to implement that, well the design looks cool and there is a few rich people on each server that can buy it but its like making something that like idk 15 players will have? There is a lot of great ideas in proposal boards that is ignored -.- so I didn’t liked....
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First talking about about the outfit itself, I liked it alot, It look pretty good to me.

About the price I can understand what CIpsoft are trying to do, remove big amount of money from the game, but I think to all the player who play it for over than 15years like me, just because like to play and not to make real money, it will be impossible to get this outfit.

I'm sure that changes at some hunting places would be the best solution for the problem of money at Tibia, but who Am I to say what Cipsoft must do right? rsrs
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I think it is a good thing. It introduces something very difficult to get in the game. In my opinion this gives some purpose to the game.

I think Tibia has lived all these years because of its difficulty, like strong death penalties, very difficult bosses, unsolvable quests and extremely rare items. Nowadays I think things are being simplified too much, in a 'dangerous' rate, like with these very powerful items being added, with +5, +7 and +10 stats, or with hunts that allow 1kk/h profit.

However I think the sole purpose of the outfit is to reduce inflation, which will not solve the problem. Hopefully they will solve the problem before losing control of it.
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excellent answer. I really agree with this view as well!
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  1. Quite cute, although I expected it to have some kind or weapon or shield on it, It would had been so cool that way.
  2. Tooooo Expensive: But I am ok about the price, unique outfits must be hard to get, although I would had prefered it to be given as a reward for reaching a certain lvl for example. But tibia is tibia, and it is a business after all.
  3. Would I get it if I could? If I had the money in game sure, but spending so much money RL for something in game...I'm not on it, although I respet those ones who decide to, it is just something that I think it is not useful enough to tempt me to.
  4. I don't think it was a try of cipsoft to balance economy, it is just another way of making people spend money in tc and send them in game, to get more and more money themselves xD. In my world at least TC havent decreased that much, and there are 2 guys with the full outfit so far.
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