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What people invited to participate the Test Server?

I know tutors and fansites selected people, but I wonder if there is another way to enter.


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The original question's answer doesn't address my question, but gives more technical information how to enter physically via the client.
It is written there: "it varies", without specific details.

The answer is:
CipSoft Members, Community Managers, Customer Support, Tutors, Senators, Fansite Representatives , Long term players that are currently active and also selected active players that doesn't fall in any group above.
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Thanks for clarifying - I edited the question to make it more clear and reopened it. You can post the answer now.

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  1. Cipsoft Members (All employes like, Community Managers, Customer Supports and Beta Testers).
  2. Player with some position like Tutors (Don't care how much stars) or Senators.
  3. Official Fansite (Support or Promoted) Admins, also the can invite 5 more players.
  4. Also selected active players.
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