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With friend we try to play in duo as EK+RP. We are looking for spot ideas where we will have decent exp/h. We are bored about nagas, but we can not find another good spawn (nagas are 7kk raw, and 1kk profit/h). Can You share your ideas or experiences?
Our lvls are 700+
Thanks in advance!
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Rathleton Catacombs, would be a good option for you, I've already hunted there with an EK AND RP duo, it's worth trying!
As in thread, we are 700+, catas are good for 300 :D
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Tbh there are quite many spots you can duo.


Issavi - both have amp res for manticores

Bashmus for profit

Feru way

Cobra bastion

Maybe true asuras? But could be hard tho

Mega dragons if you want to go full teamhunt (8kk raw)