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I was trying to solve the Dream Challenge quest myself and I had to give up on the dream machine part.

All puzzles until this step have fairly reasonable hints:

  1. We learn Hugo is a demonbunny from another quest. There are a few documents about this part of challenge and making it occupied.
  2. An accounting book mentions 10 fire bugs for the challenge. Easy trial & error.
  3. One book discuss "a Circle o.L." that needs a quest first. An association with a life ring is clear. The opposite of a life ring is death ring.
  4. Matching colors is just a puzzle.
  5. Needs one to just not die too quickly.
  6. The Ghostly Woman hints us at a book we find in a nearby dormitory and at the game. 6 names of 6 letters – try the first what comes to one's mind and it works.
  7. The Dream Machine. Easy, as there is a book with hints:
The dream machine draws its energy from interaction of opposing forces. Fire and water, life and death will provide the machine with energy. The energy created will be powerful enough to break down the walls of sleep and let the living enter the realm of dreams. The modified teleporter transports the user to a special place in the dream realms that is created by the will of the dream master.
The issue is you need to solve this puzzle to reach the book!
How one could solve this quest without a spoiler? Is there any other copy of this book in the game? The location and the items must match exactly (I've tested it) and there is no indication of partial progress. The only hint at the location is "Put... opposite...". As with the linked question of Outlaw Camp Quest, it would require a lot of trial & error both in terms of items and terms of their location. As this is a huge step up from previous challenges, I guess there must be some hints that I've missed.
What hints are there in the game for this part of the challenge?

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How to solve the item 7 (The Dream Machine):
Like you said, that book is only found after finishing the quest. So how to know the items and the order to use them on the machine?

Even before the Dreamer's Challenge Quest was completely built there was an old and partially destroyed dream machine east of Venore (here: https://tibiamaps.io/map#33011,32092,10:2) where we could see (in old times):
Stealth ring (north sqm)
A stone (south sqm)
Fire field (west sqm)
Water field (east sqm)

I wonder what could be the opposite to stealth ring if they kept it in the quest...
but that part was changed to (how we can see today):
Life ring (north sqm)
A stone (south sqm)
Nothing (west sqm)
Fire field (east sqm)

So the opposites are death ring on the south and water field on the west.


For curiosity: previously, the quest was not designed to use fire bug to enter... but torch. The book with that text was different mentioning the torches. As the torch didn't have "use with" function, maybe we should put it over the poison field, or to carry it with us and fire bug was implemented later.
The old book:
115 gold food
5000 gold runes and fluids
4205 gold equipment
3789 gold weapons and repairs
40 gold 10x4 torches for Dream Challenge
355 gold ammunition
4000 gold books and paper

That was changed to:
1000 gold 10 fire bugs for Dream Challenge

About the water field, once I made it wrong and I only had a vial with another liquid... that worked too... maybe all liquids will work.

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