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Hi everyone, the question is clear.

Why everyone loves Thais?

Why do people prefer Thais rather than other cities?

If Thais hasn't been revamped why still so popular after years?

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I guess that the reason is that thais is the oldest city, the 'beginin' of everything related to tibia.


It used to be the best city to level up when you were free account years ago.

First demon respawn was in thais. First Ferumbrass attack was in thais...

Nowadays although there are many other cities  which respawns are better, Thais has remained as the meeting city to trade, pvp in free accounts cities or just chilling around.

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The Tibia history started there. In my opinion is the city with the best estructure and in the last years the city got a bunch of quests and bosses around it. If u compare to Kazz and Ab'dendriel, the other 2 oldests cities, or Venore and Carlin, the other 2 big free cities, Thais is far away ahead of them considereing, city estructure, quests, hunt places.
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I believe Thais, being the first city, has always been popular, but due to the latest updates it has become more popular for a number of practical reasons. There are boss portals which also link thais to various other places on the map, besides very interesting respaws for various classes, cults, furys, minotaurs, your Depot is very close to the boat and the bank inside the depot, there are quests linked to thais. and interesting invasions, which makes Thais a very busy city, as well as the blessing of inquisition. That is, whether you like it or not, you will pass by Thais, maybe she is just no longer accessed than the venore boat.

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It was the first town in tibia, it conects a lot of sail routes,, and there are Access to bosses from there
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because thais is the city that almost everyone started when I was getting warm and the funny thing is that this is in a premium city most of it is in thais depot because it's like a fondness of the city.
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Thais was first city of tibia, and have MIGHTY KING TIBIANUS!!!! You can reach mostly good hunting places from thais, oramond, rosh etc
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I don't love thais haha, thais is a first city in the tibia, have alot of hunts for diferrents lvls and the boat can give u many routes to travel.
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All started in thais, old players didn't knbow anything besides thais and fibula, when the map started to expand, you already had everything in thais, so why move? nevertheless thais has everything that you could need and is connected to almost every city and if not connected to one, has the route (boat) to get to others. Besides in my opinion it looks prettier than the other major cities
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Thais, is the center of kingdom, the most populated city, the home of king, the place where you can travel to all important cities.

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People loves Thais on Monza because they have the best npc for free on whole server located in Harbour Lane 1 Shop thais :)

You can use bank, make dishes, stash, fully re-supply and more there :)

Additionally it's kind of most known city in whole Tibia in my opinion and all Oldschool Tibian's just love it :)
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Thais arouses memories, because the most popular city of facc cities, where the most happened on PVP servers. Idk why houses are so popular because my opinion isn't pretty. I definitely prefer Carlin because it's my first city or Venore. Nicer houses and climate.