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Warlocks were the powerful monsters in mainland back in days, is this still the same?
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The times have moved on and the Warlocks are still too complicated for the knights.

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I think yes they are, but warlock isnt very difficulty, with a paladin or a knight lvl 100+ you can hunt use the star wall estrategy, have 2 sqms in the star if u stay the walocks can't attack with spells. and u can attack with a arrows or meele weapons in knight. You can use a poison walls or traps for remove they invisible

Its a very good for knights and paladins lvl 130-200, if u use a life drain and mana drain imbuements u can stay alot of time in the hunt.

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At the present, Creatures from Brain Grounds are more stronger than Warlock's. Note-  Brain Grounds are accessible if you have done Feaster of Souls quest during your premium time and then become a Free account.  If it is about "pure" Free account- Warlocks remain the strongest.

1. https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Brain_Grounds

2. https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Feaster_of_Souls_Quest
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Good to know. Thanks.
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If I'm not mistaken I think you can encounter Instable Breach Brood as well as Instable Sparkion if the vortex to Otherworld is active south west of Dwarven bridge

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In my opinion I'd say yes, but it is a very personal question, even the vocation has influence cuz to a mage he can use SDs e bombs so eh doesn't have any problem different from a PA player, but knight and paladins will have bigger trouble.
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As far as I know warlocks are the hardest monster a free account can face. The main spot would be in demona.
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In general terms, yes they are. But there are other creatures that can be found  in free account area that are strong as well:

  • Zevelon Duskbringer: Is a vampire boss that  sometimes appears on hellgate, which summon 4 vampires.
  • Crystalcrushers: They can be found in the crystal grounds of the gnome base; and can deal over 400 hp damage.
  • Wigglers: I would say that these ones are the most dangerous ones, they can deal over 450 hp in a hit. They can be found in the Truffels gardens of the gnome base
  • Massive Earth Elementals: The can deal 400+ damage, and can be found in the Truffels gardens as well.

During the lightbearer event you can also find these ones in plaint of havoc:

  • Midnight warriors: they are not that strong, but as they appear on raids, they can make a considerable damage.

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Yes. They are so hard to hunt because they are constantly invisible and attack from a distance. Another difficulty factor is your access through Maze of Lost Souls.

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it all depends on your profession, it is not the same for some as for others. In my case, I am a knight, before being premium, I could not kill Lord Dragons at lvl 50 and a companion who was a mage would kill him with the same level.