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All hunting places guides I see online is most of the time for premmium accounts there is any place good for facc players?

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For high levels i think isnt a very good places, but for low-midde levels

Dragon's Lair Venore and Carlin, you can hunt with lvl 70+ without problem in venore, for carlin's dragon lair need to be careful with dragon lords i think knight,paladin lvl 90 can hunt.

Drillworms caves Kazordoon, its a good place to paladins lvl 70+ with firewalls, you can make a high exp and profit, in wes cave have a giant spiders too and they drop high price itens.

Dark Cathedral for all vocation, mages lvl 80+ with avalanche runes, knight and paladins with good skill, here can drop rope belts, bag of apple slices, necrotic rods and other itens.

Stonerefiners i think is oe of better places for freeacc, here u can hunt in all vocations and lvls 30-100+, with low levels u can hunt with stealth rings, the drop of platinum coins and creature producs is insane.

Warlocs Demona using the stonewall for block magic attacks, you use a poison field for broken his stealth, and in red you trap he. is good for knights and paladins.

Coryms Caves carlin and venore, is a good place to al vocation, knights,paladins lvl 50+ and mages 70+ with are damage runes.

Giant Spiders Poh, other good place to make profit.

Lost Dwarves Caves: Paladins lvl 110+ can make a good exp and profit.

Robsons isle: big raiders and bonebeasts is a good place to knights and paladins lvl 80+, good exp low waste or low profit.
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Isn't there a hole north of Mount Sternum with some strong creatures? (looked like a scorpion with energy attacks)

 I just went there one time by accident, but they seem to be pretty strong to be hunted... Is that a hunting cave? I'm just curious
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It is a hunting cave but for the most of facc players is a suicide cave... =/
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Hm, good to know about that. But they are a suicide hunt even for a 200 level free account? I mean, how strong they really are?
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Yeah I think a lvl 200 can kill them... in wikia says 150+ but they hit like 640 per turn...
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Drillworm cave in kazordoon, you can make experience an money there :)
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Thx but last time I went there I trapped myself with drillworms xD