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All hunting places guides I see online is most of the time for premmium accounts there is any place good for facc players?

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Drillworm cave in kazordoon, you can make experience an money there :)
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Thx but last time I went there I trapped myself with drillworms xD
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For high levels i think isnt a very good places, but for low-midde levels

Dragon's Lair Venore and Carlin, you can hunt with lvl 70+ without problem in venore, for carlin's dragon lair need to be careful with dragon lords i think knight,paladin lvl 90 can hunt.

Drillworms caves Kazordoon, its a good place to paladins lvl 70+ with firewalls, you can make a high exp and profit, in wes cave have a giant spiders too and they drop high price itens.

Dark Cathedral for all vocation, mages lvl 80+ with avalanche runes, knight and paladins with good skill, here can drop rope belts, bag of apple slices, necrotic rods and other itens.

Stonerefiners i think is oe of better places for freeacc, here u can hunt in all vocations and lvls 30-100+, with low levels u can hunt with stealth rings, the drop of platinum coins and creature producs is insane.

Warlocs Demona using the stonewall for block magic attacks, you use a poison field for broken his stealth, and in red you trap he. is good for knights and paladins.

Coryms Caves carlin and venore, is a good place to al vocation, knights,paladins lvl 50+ and mages 70+ with are damage runes.

Giant Spiders Poh, other good place to make profit.

Lost Dwarves Caves: Paladins lvl 110+ can make a good exp and profit.

Robsons isle: big raiders and bonebeasts is a good place to knights and paladins lvl 80+, good exp low waste or low profit.
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Hm, good to know about that. But they are a suicide hunt even for a 200 level free account? I mean, how strong they really are?
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Yeah I think a lvl 200 can kill them... in wikia says 150+ but they hit like 640 per turn...
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As far as I know the creatures on the entrante (when you go down the home) don't give experience, they are only usted to be able to pass the vortex, and you neeed to be pacc to do it.