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one guy told me that he his doing with his team:

4kk on prison

4,3kk on jug seal

~4kk/h plag seal

It's even possible? 100% without preys. They have 400lvls +-10 ofc. 4voc


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When I am ultra hiper powered I do 9kk/hr with stamina, xp boost and prey 10/10 with my MS500 ML130

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Yes it is possible , sometimes you have to find the best way on each respwn to get that extra of experience per hour. When you get the best way and you kill/trap fast and loot fast you will get much better xperience. So yes its possible and even more than 4kk/h
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No, and I recommend that at level 400 you have the third open prey, hunt with bonuses or boots to increase hunt efficiency