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Many ppl loves outfits (with addons) , but not every time you got money for them , so if we are low on money which ones are the top 5 (cheapest) outfits?

Table sheet for making more readable the answers:


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This is a very trick questin, cuz it depends of many factors that have influence about the prices in market.
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Thats because admin marked it like opinion based

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If you count quest outfits I would say these ones are the cheapest ones:

Glooth Engineer OutfitsOutfit Glooth Engineer Male Addon 3Outfit Glooth Engineer Female Addon 3Free + supplys for
the quest and boss
Cave Explorer OutfitsOutfit Cave Explorer Male Addon 3Outfit Cave Explorer Female Addon 36k + supply tasks
Dreams warrior outfitsDream Warrior OutfitsDream Warrior OutfitsOver 30k +
for the quest
and bosses
Afflicted OutfitsOutfit Afflicted Male Addon 3Outfit Afflicted Female Addon 3Over 100k
It depends of the
of the plague
mask and bell
Demon hunter OutfitsOutfit Demon Hunter Male Addon 3Outfit Demon Hunter Female Addon 3Over 100k + supply quest.
Depending of the
price of
vampire dusts.

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I have to disagree, only supplies u will waste are more expensive than some outfits, of course it will depend on which  world are u playing.
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Yes and no, I mean, soome people hunt in spikes, so while hunting they can make the tasks without 'waste', but ofc if you go only for the tasks you will spend money in supplies for running.
And again for inquisition out, the waste you make will depend of the team you make it with. If you do the quest with a full team, you can easily only spend over 30-50k on the last mission.
The factors here are too many to consider, but as he didn't explicit conditions, I choose the ones which requierements items I think are the cheapest ^^
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In my opinion one of cheapest outfits, prices depends from server

Afflicted Outfits~50k max?
Nobleman Outfits150k 1'st addon + 150k 2'nd addon
Citizen Outfits600k?
Soil Guardian Outfitscost of major tokens in bot soil and crystal warlord outfits
Crystal Warlord Outfits
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Table sheet for making more readable the answers:

Weding outfitOutfit Wedding Male.gifOutfit Wedding Female.gifRing+Box = 6k
Afflicted OutfitOutfit Afflicted Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Afflicted Female Addon 3.gifAbout 50k
It may vary acording the server
Glooth EngineerOutfit Glooth Engineer Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Glooth Engineer Female Addon 3.gifSupply for oramond quest
Complete 9 tasks
Discover OutfitOutfit Discoverer Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Discoverer Female Addon 3.gifSupply to discore the areas
Demon Hunter
Outfit Demon Hunter Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Demon Hunter Female Addon 3.gifConsidering free services
few supply