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Every fansite contest has its rewards from first to third place, and each one has its value. I would like to know the value of the items in kk

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I have recently seen the prices of these items: 
 400KK, 60-100KK, 150KK,150-200KK,70-100KK,50-80KK,50-100KK,80-120KK,100-130KK,120KK,100-150KK,200-300KK,200-300KK

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:o 400KK for Crunor's Heart? Seriously? Wew...
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yes, I know someone who can give this price for this item.
manther might be 250-30kk now, admant shield 250kk
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That is a hard one to as there are a lot of fansite items around and the price depends mostly on the frequency that fansites organize quests.

I would say memory box Memory Box.gif is the cheapest around since it is the fansite item of TibiaEvents. We organize contests and events on a monthly basis so there is a new memory box around every month. Price ranges from 45 to 55kk

Latest contests that gave fansite itens were promoted by TibiaLife, giving a Adamant Shield Adamant Shield.gif and TibiaMagazine giving a Midnight Panther Doll Midnight Panther Doll.gif. Both are for sale on Antica Trade Boards for around 200kk

Also for sale on Antica Trade Boards you can find Heavily Bound Book Heavily Bound Book.gif for 90kk, Epaminondas Doll Epaminondas Doll.gif for 55kk, Shield of Destiny Shield of Destiny.gif for 110kk,  

Few original fansite itens that are from fansites that left the program (for that reason you can buy a replica of the fansite item on Adventurer's Guild) can be find with prices around 50kk, such as: Doll of Durin the Almight Doll of Durin The Almighty.gif, Friendship Amulet Friendship Amulet.gif, Draken Doll Draken Doll.gif, etc.

For most of regular fansite itens I would say that the price ranges from 100 to 150kk.

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The price may vary according how rare is the item, if the fansite is still online  and how difficult is to get it.
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Not fansites, but only contests items:

  •   80-100kk 
  • 60-80kk80-130kk
  •  20-30kk 
  • 20-30kk
  • 10-30kk
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you mean 100-130kk and not 100-130kkkk for yellow rose, right? That would be a lot of money XD I did an edit on it, ok?
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yes, sorry for mistake :)
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In my opinion price depends on what server you play. I don't know prices on non pvp serves but I know items there are cheaper. I have few fansite items so I can tell you price of my items. Crunor's Heart  cost 300kk, panther doll  140kk, assassin doll  90kk, black knight doll  85kk, shield of destiny  80kk, music box  50kk, pigeon trophy 30kk, royal medal 20kk.

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I'm also lucky to have good prices with, Honey!
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Yes that's true + is impossible to put fansite items on market so we can't check higest, middle and lowest price.
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Yes, you can, just fallow a Trade Boards and you will see for how much items are sold. As you see, Midnight Panter was sold for 200KK, and now i think noobody will sell it for lower price. And in my opinion if someone need item can pay more!
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Recently I've seen The Epic Wisdom  on EU non-PvP for 130kk.