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Is it worth to train fist fighting? How much damage will you do?

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While I agree that this skill is useless in terms of hunting, it's worth to mention that you can have some fun with it. :)

I used to train fist fighting on two monks like 3 years ago, as I wanted my shielding skill (which is lower due to using 2-handed weapons) to catch up with melee skill. I had no problems with killing dragons or giant spiders with fist and healing spells only.

My greatest achievement was to kill a wyrm - it took 22 minutes.
I can't remember well, but best hits were in range of 70-80 (overall, not on wyrm, as it has high armor comparing to for ex.). Of course, level is very important in terms of damage. My lvl was 343 when I beat this wyrm to death. Now, on lvl 400 my hits would be a bit higher.

Additionally, if you like RPG style of playing fist fighting surely may come in handy.

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Haha! I love that screen. And congratulations on your fist fighting, amazing!
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I don't think so....It is a useless skill in my opinion.

Would be cool if it  helped to increase your mele skills or something, but as far as I know, it does nothing.
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It's not very useful, but it's worth train this a bit for example, you are passing through the city and your imbuing weapon is on backpack (because waste when you will be infected) and you want to kill some weak monsters. kiss

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It is a useless skill at the moment, just work if you wanna appear on highscores of this skill.

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It is absolutely useless today.

There are no weapons that would increase your damage output for this skill (duh) and therefore its existence is only cosmetic, for those who would like to appear on the high scores.