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I have a lot outfits some from store, some from quests, some are expensive and some are cheap, but in my opinion one of the best is pirate outfit Outfit Pirate Female Addon 3.gif Outfit Pirate Male Addon 3.gif. What with you guys? What is the best looking outfit? I know is hard choice so you can add few outfits :)


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Oh wow nice screenshot Loreffy!

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MALE:  Warrior Outfitheart Citizen without addons,   Assasin with one addon or full , Festive 

FEMALE: fav ever Pirate Outfit ,  Warrior Outfit,  Assasin Outfit with one addon, Elementalist , Summoner . For TC:  Owl Keeper & Conjurer. I love more female outfits, but this is top.

<3 forever pirate, greetings for my Pirate TEAM :*

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Definetely the recruiter outfit 

- Dificult to obtain

- Cool

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Oh wow, I would probably go for the Yalahari!!!

It depicts so well a spellcaster!

Also, the Royal Pumpkin is so awesome! 

And you gotta admit, the Oriental is kinda sexy! 

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haha omg don't tell me this.... I made bad Yalahari and bad Nightmare </3
btw fun fact: I collected all ape furs for my oriental dropped independently. I like oriental too!
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I still have to complete my Yalahari outfit, hope I do it right. I don't have that many outfits... yet? Maybe I should work on the oriental one.
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I absolutely love the female hunter outfit - not just because it looks cool ingame, but also because my very close friend made this art of my character:

How cool is that?

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One from my favorite is Summoner Outfit  but i can't walking all the time with the same outfit laugh 
Sometimes i change to Sun Priest , Elementalist, Pirate Outfit  and for Cave Explorer 

It's hard to choose one permanent outfit crying

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My favorite is Assassin Outfit Outfit Assassin Male Addon 3.gif, but I'm using for a long time Makeshift Warrior Outfit Outfit Makeshift Warrior Male Addon 3.gif, soo cool.

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These are the outfits and colours that I rotate between currently :)

Guidon Bearer - 870 TibiaCoins from the Store, I love the way the outfit looks and how its holding that massive flag!

Festive Outfit - Obtained from the First Dragon (only during Tibia's Anniversary), love the fact that its only obtainable during a short period every year, making it somewhat rare even though its not too hard to get.

Entrepeneur - 750 TibiaCoins from the store, I simply just love how this outfit looks, I only use the one addon though. Slightly dissapointed that they made the outfit available for everyone in the store but hey thats life!

Discoverer - Measuring Tibia Quest, not everyone can be bothered exploring Tibia, searching for those pink circles. I adore this outfit, The outfit just screams adventure/hiking and I love the little backpack and everything, Just waiting for the second addon to be available so I can finally complete it :)