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NOTE: this is not a speculative thread, the idea is to gather evidence. It isn't either to discuss whether you would like to have more vocations introduced into the game. I will open another thread for opinions, so we keep this one for facts. If you would like to state your ideas about what new vocation could be implemented, you can use this thread.

The game has four vocations, we are clear on that. However, other games have implemented more vocations, whereas Tibia has always kept static regarding that aspect of the game. The following questions arise:

  • Have there ever been plans to implement a fifth or more vocations?
  • Are there any plans to implement more vocations?
  • If so, which one was it?

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Never seen any plans of making a 5th vocation lots of players made proposals to create more vocation types but every time you ask a CM the answer is the same: “ There is not such plans”
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I know Tibia gets asked this a lot on forums but I think the answer is simply "Never say never" I don't think they ever had mention a 5th vocation concept as their too concerned about the current 4 vocations.


May 06 2010 - 50 Answers from the Product Managers

Q: Will you introduce a 5th vocation?

Guido: Never say never, but it is one of the few things we will quite likely not change for the game world types we have. Instead, we will focus on balancing out the powers between the vocations, making the career from a newbie to a high-level character more interesting and offering you a few more options to individualise your character.

Mar 05 2013 -If you could change one thing, you...


* more vocations

As always, we community managers have forwarded the results of the feedback form to the product management, and the other departments, so that they can keep them in mind during their update plannings.

I however don't see any vocation proposal in any of these threads:



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I dont think they are plans or a new vocation, a new one will only break the current game balance, also can be taken in a bad way for the community like the time tibia try to upgrade his graphics but players like it better in the way it is

But is only mi opinion, still interesting to think about it
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As stated in the question - we are not looking for opinion-based answers here.