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I want to know of some locations or spawn where you can only enter if your a certain vocation and no other.

For exampe, I know of The Isle of the Mists is a small island, located in the sea east of the Plains of Havoc. Also known as "Druid Island", since only Druids are able to go there. I'm a Druid so I have special access ;D

Can you name other spawns or locations that are vocation specific please?

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These are the ones that come to my mind:

  • POI (as Fire_Draggon said, has 4 paths for every of the 4 vocations)
  • Library and flats of the sorcerer's guild in thais are only allowerd for sorcerers to pass
  • On the Elemental Spheres Quest, there are 4 different respawns for every of the 4 different vocations, to hunt and complete the quest.
  • Isle of Destiny aswell got 4 closed respawns, each one only allowed to enter by a vocation.
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Eeek yea theres a lot of quests that are one vocation can do that good thinking
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Inside POI quest there is a room with 4 paths, 1 for each vocation. It is not "blocked" for other vocations, but there is a fire on the floor that deals increasing damage, each SQM you walk further (if you are in the path for another vocation).

I'm an EK and I once had to pull the RP lever, since I was lacking one, and in the last fire I think I received around 10,000 damage.

So, in a way, this kinda counts as "blocked" for most people xD
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True, who cannot forget about the classic quest.