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I mean how the chance system works of % to loot the rare of the boss.
For example what is the % if you kill it alone , or if you kill it on duo or in team.
It depennds on the damage that you do or in the number of people?
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No one knows? Since falcon items worth so much Im really interesting on knowing the answer

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The system is more or less like this:

Lets say damage is 50%
Healing 30%
Damage you block from Boss 20%

So the probability will Split between every hitter And healer. Then you Will multiply that % per the % of loot statistic of the rare or boss loot.

So the algorithm Will be something like this:

X = % of loot , D=damage u deal , H = healing people , DB= damage blocked from Boss,           L=% item drop

X= (D+DB+H)* L
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That makes sense since I see that all high levels goes to Ferumbras boss only in group of 7-8 players , so they have bigger chance to get rare, nice answer
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Is there any research article or official news confirming this?
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What I have been told is that bosses that drop into the reward chest drop loot based upon % of damage you do. This means that you have a better chance of getting good loot, but not guaranteed good loot.
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I heard also that is important the amount you heal , many druids got bosses because they are hitting and healing the main target of the boss , but I never found reliable info about this to prove it.
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I found this but im not sure is true since I dont really believe that is the same chance drop for everyone

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