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I have seen that on the tibia webshop, you can buy either transferable or non-transferable coins for the same price.

I wonder, what is the point of having the non-transferable tibia coins in the webshop? Is there any advantage from this coins over their transferable counterpart that is not obvious? Or did they leave this option open as a fallback in case there were issues with the new transferable option during its initial go-live period?

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Maybe this is an option especially made for people who do not sell on the market and for people who are afraid that in case of hacked the account someone would not send to another account.

But in my opinion this is not needed for the most part. I prefer crops as transfarable.
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That is to protect CIPSOFT against frauds, some players used to buy Tibia Coins with a credit card  fo example, then they sell it in game but never finish they payment at website. Tha's the same reason that some ppl can't buy big amount of Tibia Coins at one time.
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There are a few payment methods that when used makes your tibia coins non-transferable.

I cannot confirm but the reason for that is that these methods were being illegally to gather coins and them sell them at black market so CIP created the non-transferable coins to protect itself from frauds.

You may ask, why not ban everyone that received the illegal coins? If CIP did so it could lead to a huge problem of enemies or people in the black list receiving random coins and being wrongly banned.