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Regarding these Sorcerer and Druid spells: exori min flam, exori infir vis, exevo infir flam hur, exevo infir frigo hur and exori infir tera, do they improve with some Magic Level or Experience Level gain with time, or they simply get "capped" after a certain point? I see some streamers using exori infir tera as a cheap and fast substitute early on for exori tera on early levels while rushing, but overall I can't see a decent reason for using it if you got money and level to get runes or exori spells (if you are premium)... Do they become almost completely obsolete over time even for Free Account Players? (I guess I am almost sure that I had a better hunt wasting my cooldown with stalagmites instead of using exori infir tera against Cyclops on Thais that had a Prey Attack Bonus activated! Keep in mind that Cycs get extra damage from earth attacks)

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From level 8 to 12 they are actually pretty useful, specially if you are leveling up an alt that you can keep training magic level on the training school for a few weeks. If you hunt monsters that are week to the element, you can level pretty fast by wasting some mana potions (that you would already have from daily reward if you were training). After level 12 they become very useless, but can be used to kill very week monsters that are trapping you, I guess.

The healing spell, tough, I use it all the time: as it is a healing spell, it removes paralyse, so if I have enough HP or if I am using mana shield/energy rings and I am suffering from paralyse I use this spell instead of a more powerful heal to save mana
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I do the same with the healing spells! They are very useful to remove paralyse indeed! Thanks for the contribution!
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Actually Tibia is implemented to get so easy magic level at low levels , with trainers , or training wand/rods, so in my opinion you should not use anymore dawnport spells since you will get so easy magic level with trainers , so better focus on using runes and you will get aswell more lvl in a faster way.
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interesting answer, but I guess this question got merged with a question that I made regarding utevo lux usage to Magic Level training, and it seems that you focused on answering about Magic Level... Any mod here can help me? I'm sure that I posted a question about magic level training yesterday

also, I still want to know one thing: Do these attack spells get capped at a certain point? Or do they improve a little with time? If yes, when they get useless?
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My answer is not about ML is about level , whjen you are lvl 20 or more you should use only runes if you wanna get lvl faster, you dont have to worry about spells , only healing spells and exevo vis hur , exevo gran vis lux , exori frigo... etc because those are so weak to use at that lvl.
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Understood. I was confused because my former question about Utevo Lux vanished, and I have no idea on why that happened. My bad
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Its depends if you are premium or not and your hunt style.

To FREE account players, can be a small option because they don't have more option on single target and its better some little extra damage than only the damage of the wand/rod.

To PREMIUN account players, its better use the regular exoris because the damage do you can make with the spell from Dawnport are limited in a certain point.