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Toxic players between level 500 to 1000 or so often get together in a guild that only deals with boycotting on some server with actions such as closing hunts (Prison, Plague Seal, Winter Courts, Summer Courts), traps on portals So that the players die, constant harassment in any place for the players that oppose their behavior ... Until they are finally kicked from the server and the 'same players' are transferred to another to continue with their undue behavior. This often happens on servers such as Gentebra, Kalibra, Celebra, Pacera, Astera.

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You have a guild who kill you every time do you go outside of Depot with high level characters. The dont do any important quest (Like POI) and ruined all trys of other guild to make the content. They close places to hunt, as if they were the owners. They force you to pay X amounts to play on these servers and Cipsoft dont have ANY problem. But if you are angry about it and insultng, you got a ban.

To be honest the dominant guilds ruined the game, is too many power in hands of regular player. Player who only care by GET REAL MONEY.

The solution must be focused on the nonexistence of these types of guild.
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I play in Gentebra and believe me, this is constantly deteriorating the game. My solution is long term 'Cipsoft is the only one who has the power to regulate this behavior based on player reports' DELETE ALL THESE CHARACTERS ... but it is very likely that they do not do it because this is not productive for them...

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Tibia implemented a restriction on the Exiva spell which helps a lot to avoid those dominando but in terms of Tibia's law is not ilegal to power abuse , for me a solution could be implementing rule against power abusing but this thing is so hard to detect and to control.

I think this is so hard to stop since as I said you cant control it , you cant make law for example for someone who gones into "your respwn" since you cannot own respwns in Tibia, so its hard to create a easy solution for those things.

I send some emails to Cipsoft complaining about this and they answered me with something like "This is not ilegal I suggest you to get some team and try to fight back".