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I have a level 25 paladin with 114 distance level and want to know where I can get the best xp/h.

But I want to level him up without deaths to not lose the skills. Also it would be nice if monsters have not much defense and a decent amount of life so I could hit well without one hit killing all the time.

 So I would like to know place that have a good density, low risk of death and is chill to level up fast.
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I've found the perfect video / explanation to this question on the following reddit toppic.
Just posting if someone find this queestion in the future.

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On Premium

- Foreing Quarter (Elves)

- Foreing Quarter (Minotaurs)

- Pyramid of Darashia (Minotaurs)

- Alchemist Quarter (Mutated Humanos Outside Spot)

- Arena Quarter (Outside Spot and Barbarians and Gladiators With Stealth Ring)

- Werebadgers (Grim Valley -1 on the entrance With energy and fire walls and bombs)

- Lower Spike (-1)

- Mistrock (*Stealth Ring)

On free

- Stonerefiners (Venore *With Stealth Ring)

- Forest Fury Camp (Carlin *Stealth Ring)

- Ulderer's Rock (Venore *Stealth Ring *Take Care of Orc Leader and Orc Warlord)

- Mount Sternum (*Stealth Ring)

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dragons seems to be risky for a level 25 that want to chill. I'll try treasure island with invisibility.
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Yes, but is you have little skills as player can do it and just confront 1 Dragon per time.