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I would like to gather recommendations and tips on how to hunt at Winter Court as an ED lvl 190:

  • What spells to use, which and how many runes should I bring, how many potions?
  • Equipment, imbuements, charms
  • Do you really make more xp than at glooth bandits? Is it the place where at my level I can get the most xp in solo hunt?
  • Which monsters make the most damage at Winter Court?
  • Is utamo vita a must? And if it is, at which level can I stop using it?
  • If I get lvl 200, is it advisable to use the grovebeast there?
  • Is this spawn usually taken?
  • Any special piece of advice?
  • Best way to get there and is there any prerrequisite to get there (Like a quest)?
  • Is it here where I can get the Hibernal Moth mount?

Many thanks in advance!

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Best answer

Court of Winter

  • Access:

Access to this location is granted during The Dream Courts Quest.

  • Route (Is MY own route):

On the entrance make one pull on he center of room.

The idea is luring the creatures around the building to the center. Where you put the Fire Bomb Rune Fire Bomb Rune.

Now go down on the stairs and make another big pull.

  • Creatures:

Hibernal Moth Hibernal Moth (At Tibia Night, to the mount)

Crazed Winter Rearguard Crazed Winter Rearguard

Crazed Winter Vanguard Crazed Winter Vanguard

Soul-Broken Harbinger Soul-Broken Harbinger

Arachnophobica Arachnophobica

Thanatursus Thanatursus (Is the most dangerous creature on the place)

  • Charms:

Wound Wound on Arachnophobica Arachnophobica

Zap Zap on Crazed Winter Vanguard Crazed Winter Vanguard

    Enflame Enflame on Crazed Winter Rearguard Crazed Winter Rearguard

    • Set (Imbuements):

    On set just use the best set you have against ICE Damage and Physical Damage.

    Mage Hat Mage Hat (Imbuements: Powerful Void and Powerful Epiphany)

    Calopteryx Cape Calopteryx Cape

    Glacier Kilt Glacier Kilt or Gill Legs Gill Legs

    Glacier Shoes Glacier Shoes

    Glacier Amulet Glacier Amulet

    Butterfly Ring Butterfly Ring

    Umbral Spellbook Umbral Spellbook or Mastermind Shield Mastermind Shield  (Imbuements: Powerful Quara Scale)

    Rod of Destruction Rod of Destruction  (Imbuements: Powerful Void and Powerful Strike)

    • Supplies:

    Ultimate Mana Potion Ultimate Mana Potion x500

    Mastermind Potion Mastermind Potion xX (1 Mastermind Potion equal to 15 minutes)

    Fire Bomb Rune Fire Bomb Rune x100 (Use on floors inside of the building to make more damage in time)

    Great Fireball Rune Great Fireball Rune x1000

    Stone Skin Amulet Stone Skin Amulet x20 (Use in emergencies)

    Might Ring Might Ring x10 (Use in emergencies)

    Blueberry Cupcake Blueberry Cupcake x2 (Use in emergencies)

    Blessed Steak Blessed Steak x2 (Use in emergencies)

    The numbers can vary depends of how much time you wanna hunt and how much you feel comfortable.

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    Thank you. Also, can you apply powerful frost on a shield or spellbook? According to the wiki you can only apply it on Axes, Swords, and Clubs.
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    Sorry, the imbuement is Powerful Quara Scale not Powerful Frost and it can be applied to items of type Shields, Spellbooks, Armors. When applied, it reduces ice damage by 15%.
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    No problem, and thanks! :)
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    • Spells:

    Use Magic Shield Utamo Vita all the time, because you don't have level to afford the damage from 2 creatures. When you reach level 250 can stop using it.

    Use Strong Haste Utani Gran Hur all the time.

    On level 200 use every 15 minutes your summon  Summon Grovebeast Utevo Gran Res Dru (Grovebeast Grovebeast).

    Use Terra Wave Exevo Tera Hur to attack.

    Use Wrath of Nature Exevo Gran Mas Tera to attack.

    Use Strong Terra Strike Exori Gran Tera to attack.

    • Winter Court vs Glooth Bandits:

    To experience, the best is Winter Court.

    To profit, the best is Glooth Bandits.