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I use a lot the mana leech imbuement but some friends told me to use double mana leech Imbuement, on the weapon (wand) and on helmet, but I want to know if it is worth it because its such a big waste and I don't know if the price of double imbuement pay the afford that you make on manas or the longer you can stay in hunts. So what do you think guys?

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Interesting question, I will look forward to this thread. May I also ask if someone knows if this double imbuement would be worth in a PvP situation?

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This is the answer to a SINGLE TARGET HUNT.

First up, to answer this question we have to consider what factors have an impact on economical efficient of mana imbuements. 

After some research I have found three main groups of factors:


- character level

- skills/magic level

- equipment

- type of attacks (the strongest are the most efficient)

- total speed 

- frequency of attacks


- cost of creature products

- fees to make an imbuement


- different types of mana potions and their cost 

Having this knowledge we can calculate when mana imbuements are economical worthy. 

By using "in-game hunt analyzer" we can deduct our TOTAL DAMAGE DEALT DURING A HUNT. 2*8% gives us 16% (of damage dealt) mana back. 

The first step is to calculate - how much mana points do I get each hour of a hunt. 

Total damage dealt per hour * 0,16 = Recovered mana points per hour

The second step - calculate the value of this mana points if I would use an alternative source of mana- different types of potions. 

(Recovered mana points per hour/Average amount of mana points given by specific mana potion) * Price of specific mana potion = Value of recovered mana points 

The third step - calculate the cost of imbuements per hour.

(Cost of creature products + imbuements fees)/20 = Cost of imbuements per hour

Fourth step and the ANSWER :)

Let's make a comparison between the Value of recovered mana points and Cost of imbuements per hour.


Value of recovered mana points > Cost of imbuements per hour




Precise formula for mana back from area damage is unknown, but I have an idea how to calculate it approximately. 

I suggest You make two attempts at Your favorite spawn, one hour each:

- with imbuements

- without imbuements

Then make the comparison how many mana potions were used in both cases separately. 

Mana potions used with imbuements - Mana potions used without imbuements = -Mana potions saved thanks to Imbuements (take an absolute value)

Mana potions saved thanks to Imbuements * Price of specific mana potion = Value got thanks to imbuements

Now, let's make the next comparison:


Value got thanks to imbuements > Cost of imbuements per hour 



Of course, there are other benefits coming out from imbuements, like the comfort of gameplay. We don't like to refill supplies every single hour, right? ;)

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On my experience as lv300 Rp and lv350+ Ms, the answer is YES, it is WORTH it as long as the price of the gold tokens doesnt reach over 38k in the server, i always look to make profit when i solo hunt, for example when i hunt on my Ms you can save up to 85-90k per hunt ( i have tested the same respawn with and without 16% mana leach  HUNTING GLOOTH BANDINTS) in my case the waste of imbuement per hour is around 40k but if i dont use mana leach i end up using up to 250 ultimate mana points more in 1 hr of hunt which is more obviously, and not only is good for solo hunting, USE MANA LEACH ON TEAM HUNTS TOO, in spawns like prision or roshamuul west where you dont actually take much  damage almost every hit will be mana free in the sense that will gain almost the same amount of mana you spend on spells, like exevo vis hur (170 mana cost) i gain up to 135 mana when i hit the spell on 7+ mobs which is a HUGE SAVE ON MANA!!

 i hope my findings help you, cya later aligator, goodbye crocodile
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Hey, if you are a high level ek, i think it's worth, coz 2x mana leech keeps your mana high and you can hunt solo in dangerous places with the only worry to heal yourself. The mana will always be high and you can "exori", "exori min", "exori gran", without the risk of running out of mana. You have only to attack and heal with supreme pots.. Hope i've been usefull and good hunt :).
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It is highly worth it if you ask me, as a 340 MS I have double mana leech and critical hit. I can bring 200 manas and cap out on SDs and go to Edron demons for hours.

It does make a considerable difference when you hunt with area of effect runes as well. I can stay in a spawn for nearly double the time.

If you have money, imbue one yalahari mask with mana leech (use it while hunting) and imbue another one with magic level boost (for pvp and boss situations).