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We all hear about legendary items given once in a lifetime to some lucky players in the past, these items now are equivalent to fortunes.... But what about "readable" books? (like the ones that we get on Quests)

How many books were obtainable in the past with useful and/or curious information that now are restricted to collectors or really old depots on older servers?

Maybe we have limited books regarding quests no longer possible to finish, or even some related to old Tibia's lore that had to be modified at some point...

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Since this one doesn't actually answer your question, but is somewhat related, I'll add it as a comment instead of an answer. On Danubia, we had a group of players who made an actual server news paper for a while, called "The Danubian Times". They would write them in books and then send them out to everyone who had a subscription for a few gold pieces per week. I still have a number of them in my depot - I wonder how many others still exist.
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That's such a cute idea!

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These are the readable books I found that aren't obtainable anymore:

The Fall of Spiritkeep (Book)

Location: No longer exists (Stormknights library), Old unused guildhall of the Stormknights, located where Ab'dendriel is now.

Codex of the Stormknight (Book)

Location: No longer exists (Stormknights library), Old unused guildhall of the Stormknights, located where Ab'dendriel is now.

Parchment (Yellow)Scientific Contest (Book)

Location: Previously on one of Edron's beaches

ScrollMinotaur Lookout (Book)

Location: Rumor has it this scroll was completely removed from game. The previous location was on top of the mountain with the single Minotaur.

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Well there is a lot of books on Tibia , by rares you can bean tomes(grey , green and blue?) or Spellbook of novice on mainland since you cant pass it anymore frown dawnport to mainland. But if for rares you mean books that had information of interesting things there a lot of them, for example there were many books speaking about Pits of Inferno years before they implemented it on a major update, and there is a lot of things like this on Tibia.
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I'm talking more about books that contained readable information. Sorry if I had expressed it in a poor way, but I mean books that, for example, were possible to find on libraries or shelves but for some reason were later removed. That's my standard pattern of "rare". I'm interested specially on what these removed books used to say, before became limited ones to own.

But of course, Tomes are pretty cool items and interesting to comment about, but I guess that they do not possess any information readable, as far as I know.
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Talking about readable books (They have regular respaws), the only I think is rare is all of Dawnport, because you cant get it on mainland and as people dont care about this type of item/books the are really limit on main.