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My friends told me that I can earn cash on the market really fast. I wonder what items I should invest in. Is it better to do it on a populated or empty server ? My budget is 100kk Crystal CoinI hope someone can share their experiences with me :)

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Hmm In my opinion in this post: https://www.tibiaqa.com/687/which-items-should-i-buy-on-the-market-to-make-an-easy-profit you can find information how to slowly collect cash by selling rashid/ djin items. I arleady collected 100kk so I wanna invest my cash and make bigger profit than few k. Is also not so easy because there are few steps like buying/transferring/ and selling again items.

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If you have a lot of money you can earn well with transfers.

I made a transfers from an European server to a NA server and there where some itens that I buy with the sell offer and buy offer and made 50% of the value of the item right away. It was mainly small creature itens since i had no money to buy end game itens but if you have you can earn 10kk of profit with a single item.

However you must that into account two things: The difference between Tibia coin prices in both servers and the cost of transferring (750TC). I had a spreadsheet with the math of this and the real value i would gain in my server considering each buy and sell offer from each server.

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I am not an expert, but lots of people do a lot of money buying and selling tibia coins.

I have not the patience to, so what I do, if I see that there is a realy good offer in my world or other world of an item, I usualy buy and transfer it to other world where this item is more expensive. This usualy works if you buy items from NA to European, because in european servers items are usualy more expensive; it also works for moving items from pvp servers to non-pvp.

Other think I have done when I move a character between worlds, is to buy 'cheap' stackeable items as gold tokens, silver raid tokens, dream matters, clusters, imbuing creature products, dishes, etc, that I can resell in the new world. This is how I normaly pay the 'transfer' of the real items I want to move from a world to another.
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Another way u can make money is buyng Itens of high value and selling it. In my server, Celebra, Itens like Gnome Helmet, armor and legs, faclon circlet, falcon wand, falcon rod, among others, has a good variation of price. For example, my friend that works with market, bought a Falcon Plate for 100kk and sold it for 120kk, she did it a copuple of times until she got tha value of the armor, 100kk of profit. But u must unsderstand your market, and know wich itens has this variation.
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You can buy Tibia Coins with 100kk and get good profit if you know and study the economy of the market.
You actually can predict the raise or drops of TibiaCoins to know when its a good moment to buy and good moment for sell.


Tibia Coins in your server are in the highest ever , like 28000 gold per Tibia Coin, this normally is a indicator that the price will go down since after a higher raise the higher % is to go down soon, so In this case you should wait to prices to go down , when are down for example in 24000gold you buy 100kk of Tibia Coins, with 100kk on 24k you get 4150 Tibia coins , now you wait until price go again raise to for example 27000 gold per Tibia Coin and then you sell it. So now you have 4150 tibia coins x the new price of 27000gold you get 112.5 kk so you got 12.5kk of profit.