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Was Ulderek a man? An ancient orc? What is the story behind?...
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This place is one of the best in Tibia

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The real nome of this place is Ulderek's Rock, following is a text explaning about this place:

"In the far east of Tibia, some tribes of the orcs have built a giant fortress and city on a hill at the coast. Even in ancient times, during the War over the Creation, this place was used as a military post by orcs for a long time, but finally the dwarfs managed to conquer and destroy it. Many centuries later the orcs returned and erected the strong fortress as it can be seen today. They named it "Ulderek's Rock" after Duke Ulderek, who had founded the first one. Rumour has it that his grave and many of the old treasures can be found below the rock in the middle of the fortress." (Tibia.com Library)

Some time later, Ulderek's Rock became known as "Orc Fortress" among the humans.

You can learn more about this place at TibiaFandom clicking here.

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