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So Tibia made an update where we can fight The First Dragon of Tibia. According to lore (The First Creatures) the name of this dragon is Garsharak. 

So why did Cipsoft choose to name the creature and NPC, "First Dragon" and not give it the original name "Garsharak"?

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It was answered on Tibia Forum by Burchan- here -when questioned by Lee Kun in post here . Please see below:

- https://www.tibia.com/forum/?action=thread&postid=38564896#post38564896

- https://www.tibia.com/forum/?action=thread&postid=38567164#post38567164 :

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Nice job digging that answer, I saw this question and was going to comment it. I still believe what I said on that post, however: they made a silly mistake and didn't want to recognize it so they came up with some lore to explain that.
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Simple. As soon as you head to Tamoril, the dragon npc at magician quarter in Yalahar, and ask him about the first dragon he will response you this:

Player: First Dragon

Tamoril: The First Dragon? The first of all of us? The Son of Garsharak? I'm surprised you heard about him. It is such a long time that he wandered Tibia. Yet, there are some rumours.

Player: rumours

Tamoril: It is told that the First Dragon had four descendants, who became the ancestors of the four kinds of dragons we know in Tibia. They perhaps still have knowledge about the First Dragon's whereabouts - if one could find them.

Player: descendants

Tamoril: The names of these four are Tazhadur, Kalyassa, Gelidrazah and Zorvorax. Not only were they the ancestors of all dragons after but also the primal representation of the draconic incitements. About whom do you want to learn more?

That being said, the First Dragon is the son of Garsharak. Yet making it kinda unanswered at the same time.
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I had missed that first line saying that it is actually the son of Garsharak. That is kind of inconsistent with the genesis tho, since it states: "...from it rose Garsharak, the very first dragon, who later...". At least they should've given him a proper name, but that's my opinion. Thanks for the insight.
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Interesting that you pointed out a lore inconsistency. Didn't know that!
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