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I saw flask with snake poison Flask with Snake Poison in my friend's house. Unfortunately, he is not active so he can't tell me how to obtain this item.

Description: The cobra poison in this flask is very potent. Even inhaling it would be dangerous. It leaks a bit and will evaporate shortly.

Is it only decoration item or can I use it on the different way?

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Use Empty poison flask, it can be found inside the Cobra Bastionhere. It spawns multiple times per day when the room "resets". Using it on a dead Cobra will result in a Flask with Snake Poison.

This multiples times you said, has i fixed time to do so?
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It is usually farmed just after ss- people usually log off char near by so when log in they can grab it.
It might appear during the day if none hunts for some time in Cobra bastion and floor “resets” as Zupakode said. But there is no certain timings as far as I know.
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Adding info to zupa answer, if you use this item in the caldron of the room where you can find it, It Will make that the creatures that respawns in that room, do It with lower HP than usualy.
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Really interesting information, thanks!