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As title says! What is your favorite way to make profit? Mine is mostly the market and some boss farming!
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Very broad question - would be good to narrow it down somehow

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I have some specifics hunt that I use to do by myself just yo make money, I can give you an example of Ghastly Dragon hunt. While hunt at party we focused experience.
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I make profit at 3 ways.

1 - Hunting. Hunting for xp at places that gives you profit is the best investment you can make. When you level your character your damage, life, mana and capacity increases. You'll get access to better equipments and new bosses or hunting grounds. The higher your level the higher is your profit.

2 - Bosses. This is a risky time investment and the drop chances are very low. I've been killing Scarlet for some time now with 0 lucky on expensive itens for example. I gave up killing Oberon because of the low chances and because the time to reach to the boss is too high. When the boss killing requires too much time I think it's better to go hunting.

3 - Events. There are events where you can farm a lot of gold by selling the rewards. The orctobeer fest for example, i sold 3 plushies that i farmed at the first day for a huge profit. The cake event and dishes are also nice to farm as the life and mana foods are quite expensive. There are other examples such as First Dragon, Pearch Queen, demon's lullaby, etc.
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Well, nowadays I have no much time to play since I have two little boys to take care at home rsrs so basically I sepdn my time hunting, so I choose places where I can make a good XP and Profit. From the past few months to now I'm hunting at Asuras Mirror, there after 2h of hunting I make about 1kk of profit.

I have no time for bosses in general, but on weekends I try to do some, even I'm not the luckiest person for loot.

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Always unlucky with bosses, so...

* Someting "resale" Rashid, Yasir, Djinn's items. When I have free capacity, I often buy something from the market when it pays off. You can also make your own offers.

* Hunting solo Carnivoras (lvl 250+)

* for small lvls noob hunt monster like Nomads, Amazons
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When I was trying to save money for my set and other...auto-gifts I made my money 2 ways:

  • Market: buying and reselling demonic essences and other creature productos
  • Hunting: Basicaly in Bursters spectred, wintercourt and asuras
Nowadays I prefer hunting to maximize  the experience/h, so I hunt in issavi sewers where you know the profit is not the best (I do 500k profit in 2h+ of hunting for each one). So I only do real money by killing bosses, these are the ones I do daily:
  • Oberon
  • Scarlett
  • Urhmalulu
  • Dream courts mini Boss
  • Dream courts final Boss
  • King zelos
  • Grave danger Boss of edron
  • Grave danger Boss of cormaya
Believe it or not.. I do more profit now doing bosses than I used to do. Obviously there are a lot of days when you loot nothing (most them) but so far I have looted just in King zelos: 3 Bows, 1 toga mortis and 1 shadow cowl (and Im not even the luckiest one of the team).

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just want to ask what is you voc and level xD, making 500k profit on issavi is unusual
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650 rp. I go with a ed same lvl, but have been doing this profit since lvl 580~ aprox
Session: 01:01h
XP Gain: 13,508,651
XP/h: 13,274,396
Loot: 863,460
Supplies: 154,604
Balance: 708,856
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I make my profit by hunting every day and making sure I profit which is hard not to where I hunt. I also will sell tibia coins on the market if I need money. I dont hunt bosses so i never make money there. I sometimes will sell things on the market but this is very rare for me to do usually its event related items i would sell.:)