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How do you decorate around your hirelings? Like what items do you put under them and around them?

Looking for some inspiration!

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My hireling have my tibian husband name and colors. Now he is retired, but reminds me of what is important and that I don't care about everything bad that happened during my game.. Here is my idea old and new house :)

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Waow, the last one is super clean!
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Here are some inspirations from Antica:

Steel Home in Venore

Castle Shop 3 in Edron

Sky Lane, Guild 1 in Edron

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Thanks! I am probably gonna do the last one!!
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I like this one, some theme npcs fits well around the deco... I saw a house on antica that npc name was jack sparow and he looked like a pirate, i think its more about the theme than the decoration itself

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name of fiery item close to npc?
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01:56 You see flames of the percht queen.
It weighs 2.50 oz.