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I never did a PoI, Inqui or WoTE in my life, even after playing for so many years. So, how does it works exactly to ask and pay for a service? What precautions should I have? What would be the correct procedures to do in a general way apart from having the correct quest items to finish it on determined parts? Should we speak always with the guild leading the service or maybe not so much?

I'm somewhat anxious and nervous when playing serious in an important subject, so since I am a neutral on my server, I would like to know what I should do in order to make a good impression for the Guild offering the service.

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First of all I suggest you so hard to do it by your own , those quests are very funny to do with your mates or guildmates. I say this because behind all that quests there is so much history and so much interesting things to hear from NPCs and nice things too see and think by your own. Those are not hard quests but if you never have done it It will be fun and intense for you if you do it with your team or friends.

And for answer the question the normal procedure is to see on your world board server on Tibia.com the threads that speak about services, normally they write in the name of the thread the date of the service, something like "POI Service 28/09/2018". Then into the thread you will find prices and meeting place.

POI service is very easy , you will just need to follow people and pass throught the thrones of every seal. If you go on service it will be so boring, thats why I highly recommend to do it with friends.

INQ service on this days is so so fast, the other week we rushed the whole seals and bosses for some friends in only 30 minutes. And like the POI is just follow people who will be killing everything and just do what they say.

Resuming , if you are not interested on do by your own this very nice and fun quests well I think that then services will be nice for you, but if you are interested on doing the quests by your own , feeling the danger , speaking with your friends about strategy for bosses and ways, following the spoiler to solve puzzles and to see how you need to do everything then you shouldnt go services and instead you should do it by your own with friends.

Hope my answer helps you , and remember that you will enjoy much more Tibia if you do researchs by your own and making friends to make team do to quests and incredible hunts together! :D