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Hi! I have been researching and I see many people saying different things about charms , so what charms do you guys think are the best for each vocation? And it what order? For making it easiest and more clear I will let down below a little template so you can use it for answer (just copy and paste the template and fill it):


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If you are a lvl 300-400 or higher. I´m pretty sure of this answer 

Elite KnightElder DruidMaster SorcererRoyal Paladin

And this its the reason for each vocation:

Outfit Knight Male Addon 3   KNIGHTSOutfit Knight Female Addon 3

1)Parry: As a Knight you always want to hunt killing 8 by 8, in places like Ferumbras seals, Catatumbs, Nightmare Islands, etc. The better way to get more exp its killing more faster and with parry you have a chanse of a 10% to make 1 hit. And for example, in Dark Torture Seal of Ferumbras, you want to use the parry on the Vexclaws, because its the creature with the bigger spawn there and the second one that hit more and REMEMBER, the parry charm reflect a percent of the all damage of the creature so, if you have 50% of protection of physical, and vexclaw hit 1.000 you only recive 500 BUT you can reflect 1.000

2)Freeze: Following the same reasons of the parry, the freeze damage its the most used in the game. In roshaamul, ferumbras, catatumbs, etc. you always are going to use Avalanches or freeze damage so, you want to deal that extra damage on ice element

3)ZapFollowing the same reasons of the parry, the energy damage its the second kind of damage that you are going to use in your hunts, as a Knight, you will need it in places like Plagesmith Seal of Ferumbras

4)Dodge: The last Charm that you are going to use alot its the Dodge, and why?. This parry its very neccesari in zones that have very powerful creatures like the books of library. If you can dodge some attacks of this creatures, your druid its going to be happy and calm

Outfit Druid Male Addon 3    DruidsOutfit Druid Female Addon 3


1)Freeze: As a Druid your better element its the ice, because you have 3 things

-Eternal Winter : the most powerful attack of th druids

- Strong Ice Wave : the second most powerful attack of druids

- Avalanche Rune : the most used rune in hunts

And with the Freeze charm you can improve that attacks 

2)Zap: At this point maybe you will be wondering why Zap and not Poison. And this its the reason. The Thunderstorms. It is very probably the second rune most used in hunts

3)Dodge: When you are hunting in alot of moments the Knight or the Paladin they can not help you, because they will be looking for monsters and you are going to be solo with all the creatures

4)Parry: The last charm that you are going to use alot in hunts its the Parry, because in hunts you dont want it but you ALWAYS are going to recive massive area attacks and with some lucky you can make a very good extra damage 

Outfit Mage Male Addon 3Sorcerer Outfit Summoner Female Addon 3

"I'm going to be very quick on this one because are the same reasons that I use on Druids"

1)Zap: Are the same reasons you use in Druids but with Energy attacks 

2)Freez: Same reasons but in Ice

3)Dodge: Absolutly the same reason                                                                                 

4)Parry: Absolutly the same reasons too.

Outfit Hunter Male Addon 3PaladinsOutfit Hunter Female Addon 3

"At lvl 300-400 or more, the paladins play absolutly in the same way as the Knights so, same reasons too here"

"Parry"-"Freez"- "Zap"-"Dodge"

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well, for rp parry is worse than freeze/zap simply because rps have 2 area attacks every turn (arrows + rune/spell) so zap/freeze do double damage for rps
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Fairly simple, his assumption that freeze(or other elements) only triggers off of ice(or their respective element) attacks is wrong thus making the entire chart pointless. The ranking is not entirely wrong but the reasoning is completely wrong
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Wow.. just read this post.. and you are so wrong about so so so many things.
Most creatures are weak to phisical, so wound must be the first attack rune.
And about this you said and i quote:

"1)Freeze: As a Druid your better element its the ice, because you have 3 things
-Eternal Winter : the most powerful attack of th druids
- Strong Ice Wave : the second most powerful attack of druids
- Avalanche Rune : the most used rune in hunts
And with the Freeze charm you can improve that attacks "

I have to say you are completly wrong again, the damage of the attack charm doesnt depends of your vocation, it only depends of the total hit points of the creature and its % of weakness to the element of the rune.
I give you here one example:
1) Hellflayers: Has 14000 hp, and the damage taken by attack runes because its weakness to the elements is:
      0% to phisical : So wound rune would hit 700 on him
      -20% to earth: So poison rune would hit 560 on him
      +5% to energy: So zap rune would hit 735 on him
      -70% to fire: So enflame rune would hit 210 on him
      -5% to ice : So freeze rune would hit 665 on him
This doesnt depend of your vocation as I said, no matter if you are knight or druid, the damage doesnt change.
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About Dodge charm and parry charm.

Parry works good only on low hp monsters, like rosha/asures, where normal charms like zap didnt work so well. Also for EK first charm SHOULD be a DODGE. Some examples, 300ek can take dodge on isle(with low mlvl druid), 400-500ek can take for dt/jug seal for vexclaw. Why? Cause ek wont use too much supremes/stone skins  = will have more mana, ms will dont lose his turns on UH, also druid will be happier. 


Easier hunt for whole team and ek wont be so stressed.

Parry can be good for 600+ when ek have more hp, but not tested jet on feru mobs, but can be better than "normal" charm on library.

Why Dodge on RP? I mean rp 300+. At this lvl rp needs to tank like tank, but with less healing and no shield. It helps a lot for beggining tanking.

My experience with 300rp

Forgot to take dodge on demon outcasts on prison, used 120 ultimates, bp might rings and half bp stone skins. Mostly using 40 usp, ~5ss/~5mights.


Easy hunting and big luring with dodge on grimeleech(plag seal). Trapped a lot of time with 5-7 monsters. Never die. 

/////Elite KnightElder DruidMaster SorcererRoyal Paladin

Parry/dodge for mages only for solo playing. And I realy dont preffer to take it. 

But, if u dont feels so good on spawn then dodge on asures/falcons/spike.

Parry? Can work on asures/spike.

For RP(solo/duo) parry/dodge can work well on lower/west rosha on frazzlemaws or guzzlemaws.(or even dodge on silencers to minimalize mlvl reducing attacks). 

Charms is a personal choice. Your choice mostly depends of you lvl, where u hunt, how u hunt and what u/team expect.

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My personal answer

/////Elite KnightElder DruidMaster SorcererRoyal Paladin
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/////Elite KnightElder DruidMaster SorcererRoyal Paladin
poisonlow blowlow blow

For EK:

Parry is already usless on low lvl,, I mean parry start good working on actualy library..

Dodge start good working on feru seals mostly on "vexclaws" can make you less mana drain (no mana = no life leech)

Why wound first ? almost every monster is weak agains psychical so this stack with your primary dmg = more dmg = more mana leech = more life leech.

Why second zap. Use it if you use axe/club dont need second zap if use sword (gnome sword).

Why poison. You can use it in late on juggernaur/elite undead gladiator/falcons/books

What next. 6 could be curse 7 parry/enflame.

Dodge and parry on magic character is usless.. you need to upgrade dmg to make more xp/h/profit more safety

RP Never play it ek is my life.

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VocationElite KnightRoyal PaladinMaster SorcererElder Druid

Thats my opinion.


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VocationElite KnightRoyal PaladinMaster SorcererElder Druid
5Low blowLow blowLow blowLow blow

 I am not sure about the other vocations. But as a RP, I can tell you I find 'dodge' pretty useless after you pass certain lvl. Attack runes are way better. 

1: Wound is cheap, and It hurt almost any monster in game, they are mostly neutral or weak against phisical damage. 

2: Zap: there are many monster in the most common places to hunt, weak to zap

3: Freeze: Is the next in the ranking because of the amount of creatures weak to it.

4: Parry: For ek and rp, when you hunt full surounded of the same creature that usualy hit a lot, it helps sooo much to kill them faster (ex: roshamuul, raids, grim reapers hunts, catacombs, prison, spectres)

5. Low blow: When all the members in a party got it, it makes a huge difference, but because of the amount of charms points it requieres I would leave it for the last option.

Hope I had helped

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Hiho, I saw  a video where it shows that Low blow is not worth it , is so expensive on charms points and it dont maes the difference.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gapwLr7xQ6U
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Just watched the video, and yep, it seems not to worth it,  but you have to think that you are not only attacking a monster at a time as the rest of attacking runes.
Let me try to explain myself better, my english is not as good as I would like hehe.
Wound rune: it is cheap and useful in many monsters; but It only actives in 1 monster at a time, maybe several if you are realy lucky.
Low blow: when it actives, it crits all the monster it is actived in. So ye maybe the probs of it activating is not hight, but as it hits all them, not only one, it's worth it(if you have the points ofc). As I said, it would not do a difference if you hunt alone, but yes if you are team hunting and all the members in your pt got it.
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