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Talking specially about Free Account Knights that may need once in a while some kind of elemental attack since they do not have anything naturally outside of physical attacks... What should I use? What is the best option? Heavy Magic Missiles? An imbued weapon on basic setting? What exactly fills the spot that we had with the now gone enchanted gems that made certain weapons share their damage with elemental damage?

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A Fire Sword solves the problem well if you are only thinking of getting rid of ghosts.
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Even if I am a Club user?
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It think that not! Lets think in tibia like a RPG, if i'm a knight "Low lvl". And i hunt in dark catedral, some bandits, some monks, etc, ¿why I have the power to control elemental attacks?, Knights fight with a sword, a club or a axe.

Its right, the Knights of club dont have something like a fire sword or a fire axe but, its neccesarie?

if the reason to create a new elemental mace its "To fight with ghosts", why dont use avalanches.

Cipsoft can use that recourses to another thing that can me better for more players.

Also Knight of club now have the Falcon Mace that hit with Energy
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hm, Falcon Mace is for 300+ level, so it is something that it is not viable for someone hunting on DC below level 100...

I appreciate your consideration made and I agree, but what should I use on that case being a club user? Avalanche runes probably will hit very low, even worst than GFB (I tested GFB, by the way, and it was pretty weak)

I used to own an Energy Clerical Mace for that matter, but they are now gone from the actual game....